Thursday, July 14, 2016

A Story About a Spine: Part 3


A new straighter and longer back!

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I'll never forget that first moment seeing Elisabeth's new back. She looked so big! Her torso was now proportionate to her legs! Before, she had this tiny little body (since it was folded in half) and these long legs. Now her body matches itself. It is miraculous to look at!

Speaking of miraculous, look at the side by side of her before and after x-rays. She went from a 95 degree curve to 33 degrees. The surgeons told me they pushed her spine with as much force as they safely could, but it was so stiff that even after the fusion it has a significant curve (but we aren't complaining!). They also had to stretch her muscles and skin on the left side since they were so short before.

  photo IMG_20160630_111022_zps5vyxjgjq.jpg

After surgery Elisabeth had an epidural to help manage pain and we stayed in the hospital for four days. On day three her epidural was removed and we put her in her wheelchair. Keep in mind that the wheelchair was custom built to fit her previous, crooked back.

The picture below and to the left was taken the day before surgery. Notice where her ear falls against the headrest compared to the after picture. She gained a good 4 inches, I'd say!

 photo IMG_20160701_102208_zpsblivpncr.jpg

Obviously she needs a new chair - and one will be made - but in the mean time some modifications were made to her current chair. I confess that I cringed as an electric knife was taken to her $7700 wheelchair!

 photo 20160701_094423_zpsvcmyujjz.jpg  photo 20160701_094515_zpsrfdsxahd.jpg

Then, on July 2nd, we carefully traveled the two hours back to home so Elisabeth could finish healing in the comfort of her own bed.

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Up next: Part 4, Home and Back Again.

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