Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The St. Patty's Day Surprise

The night of March 16th was much like any other March 16th - I went from toilet to toilet, putting in a few drops of green food coloring. I've done it since the girls were young and they always squealed at the thought of leprechauns using their bathroom! I was especially excited to see Elsa's reaction. Then I went to bed and set my alarm for 4 am (I had that day trip to Spokane with QE, remember?) 

You can imagine my surprise when - at 4am - I entered the kitchen to find a St. Patrick's Day surprise awaiting me! Green yarn was tied from every knob and drawer pull, handmade place mats were set at the table, and a leprechaun decorated the pantry door! My heart melted as I realized that my children had worked hard to create this St. Patty's Day Spectacular. I later found out that woke at 2 am to get everything set up. I seriously love my children.

  photo 885e03f6-0379-4d74-b520-cce1737c9396_zps17103543.jpg  photo 186a8666-7400-4085-a94d-3c92f9aa4d6d_zps796427d3.jpg  photo 5edf6bb1-ead5-41b8-90a7-ac9013382057_zpsf0907858.jpg  photo 68c98cdb-e255-4ad5-af3c-1c50ec978e42_zps80b9b8f2.jpg  photo ec6ecc45-2716-42d8-8da2-efcbfbd5299a_zpsf8ede28c.jpg 

It was the best surprise and the perfect way to start off my long day of appointments with Elisabeth. Because I left so early, Donald stayed home to get the children off to school. He was sure to send me pictures of them all decked out in green. We made extra sure that Elsa would be safe from pinching. Pinching was how they were punished for being naughty at the orphanage and Elsa was quite concerned when we explained the tradition of St. Patrick's Day pinches!

  photo e39d1126-c940-432f-a556-d14fce63c23b_zps0fce9869.jpg  photo ae2c70a3-5385-4872-9c47-e33099b05946_zps39589daa.jpg  photo b9f5e1e9-9441-49df-82c7-a88163d2ef92_zps871cf9ac.jpg 

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