Sunday, April 6, 2014

Gather 'Round for Story Time

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Lorelai and Elsa's room has a tendency to get messy. Quickly. 

Such was the case this week. I finally sent them upstairs to clean it, but when they announced they had finished I went up to discover a room that was still littered with scraps from crafts, blankets thrown crookedly onto beds, and toys stuffed in corners. 

So we started again and I showed them [once again] how to get things neat and tidy
- in other words - up to Lisa standard.

When we finished we all looked around at our work.

"There, isn't that better?" I asked. They both agreed that it was. I suddenly remembered my favorite Berenstain Bears story over on the bookcase: The Berenstain Bears and The Messy Room. I have read a lot of our childrens books to Elsa in the past four months, but I was quite sure I hadn't read that one to her yet.

So I remedied it last night. While I snuggled Elisabeth on the couch I gathered my children around and read a familiar story of two little cubs who couldn't keep their bedroom clean. Elsa loved hearing it for the first time and the older girls for the gazillionth time

When we got to the last page we all admired how the Berenstain Bears had organized everything from feathers to shells to paper into boxes in the closet. And of course, now my girls are itching to do the same with all their miscellaneous craft items. I say, why not?

** As I wrote this post in reminded me of a post I wrote some 5+ years ago. Click here.

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