Saturday, April 5, 2014

Popcorn Popping

The world is coming 
alive again.

  photo 1f9e464e-b620-4ddc-9d1c-775ef2fb88e4_zps63b3a996.jpg 

There is something about those soft, white blossoms that speak to me.

  photo fe8d25c1-71c5-4546-8b50-a6d0acc65462_zps60f98dbd.jpg

They tell a story of rebirth.

  photo 22754f64-3f2c-4e59-8c62-3091131bc396_zps8978111f.jpg

Winter never lasts forever.

 photo 82486596-c21b-4991-96fd-ba6fe3c5bc60_zps53d5746c.jpg 
[My backyard tree.]

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