Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring Break

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I have been enjoying Spring Break immensely. It's funny though, I had this crazy idea last week that I would do all this spring cleaning with the girls this week. Ha! On the contrary - I've barely been able to keep this place in order - much less clean it out and organize it.

But that's okay. I realize that things like spring cleaning are best done when the girls are at school, so I'll save it for another week.

As you know if you have read this blog for any length of time, I am a HUGE I Love Lucy fan. And, I am happy to report, my children are following right in my footsteps. They pretty much have every episode memorized and we use lines I Love Lucy on a regular basis in our every day lives. It's awesome.

Well, I told the children that I expected them to be lounging in their pajamas watching I Love Lucy every morning during their break. Then I took it one step further and told them that if they could get through every season (we have them all on DVD) they would earn a special treat. Do I win mother of the year for that? Ha ha! Alexandra has taken the challenge quite seriously and devotes every extra minute to Fred, Ethel, Ricky, and Lucy.

Never fear though, our days aren't completely spent in front of the TV. On Wednesday the girls and I walked three miles round trip to our local frozen yogurt shop. It was one of those times where life seemed absolutely perfect. The sun was warm, but the breeze was cool. Life seemed simple.

We decided to go there again today, this time with Donald. But I am not sure the weather is going to cooperate. It seems a little blustery and cool. Plus, clouds keep coming and going. I'm just not sure what the weather is going to do. While I was discussing that very fact with Donald I told him I was actually glad the weather was taking a dip because I am making split pea soup for dinner and that will make it taste better. Donald started laughing. Only I, he said, would think about something like that. But it really is true. Homemade split pea soup wouldn't taste nearly as good if the windows were open, the air was warm, and we were listening to birds chirping in the trees. No, split pea soup is to be enjoyed when there is a chill in the air and a little bit of bluster to go with it.

Our outing to the frozen yogurt shop:
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And tastes for Elisabeth, too!
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