Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Hair-Styling Triumph!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls...

I present to you my greatest-hair-styling-accomplishment to date:

  photo b12b2ec7-42bb-4061-9a33-d294331a2e29_zpsf9d6673c.jpg  photo 6aafcf87-444d-430c-8043-19198f521f5b_zps291bbbc7.jpg  photo fb8a63bb-5861-4ce0-89ec-2f47e4cc86bf_zps57a3fc67.jpg

Now, you may find yourself thinking,

"But that's nothing more than a simple pair of french braids. What about the time you put corn rows in Elsa's hair, or that princess-do you gave Lorelai? Surely those were the bigger accomplishments."

But here is the thing...every other time I have managed some intricate or fancy hair style I've had subjects that I could reason with - "Hold still"..."Tilt your head this way"... "Only a few more minutes"... "You can watch TV while I do it".

Elisabeth, however, does not respond to pleading, promising, or bribing. Additionally, she absolutely does not hold still, she can't sit up without falling over, and she despises - more than anything in the world - having her hair combed. That is why this simple pair of braids is considered my greatest-hair-styling-accomplishment to date. The best part is, I figured out a system, a method even, to which Elisabeth could hold still and be minimally annoyed by my braiding. And since I now have a system, I think this might just become her signature do.

  photo 5ded5684-b96a-4cbb-85b4-4ad55368047e_zps94a6cefc.jpg 

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