Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Sleep Study

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Last night, Elsa and I had a slumber party over at the hospital while she had a sleep study. It was just another step towards getting her tonsils removed - which turns out to be a bigger ordeal than brain surgery! (Trust me, I would know.)

For months now we have been trying to get the ball rolling on this and it is just drrraaaaagggggiiiiiinnnnnggggg. Hopefully now they will agree to take them out and hopefully it will solve the snoring issue. I've mentioned that before, right? Elsa snores extremely loud which has made it impossible for her and Lorelai to share a room. So ever since ever they have been rotating nights sleeping on an air mattress in the computer room. As it turns out, she has enlarged tonsils and the pediatrician is quite certain that's the cause of the snoring. 

 Anyways, let's all keep our fingers crossed that the tonsils are the key, because if not, it looks like the computer room will have to go away in order to form a private bedroom for Miss Elsa. And not to be selfish...but I really, really love my computer room and don't want to see it go. But you've gotta do what you've gotta do, right?

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~The computer room~

Elsa: I'm excited to go to the hospital.

Me: You're excited?

Elsa:  Yes, because I don't want to snore anymore.

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