Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Weekend Jaunt

I'm back after jetting out of town - solo - for the weekend. It was my mom's birthday and so my siblings and I decided to congregate at the ol' homestead to celebrate with her.

It's always a strange thing to be out on my own. In my normal day-to-day life I am always responsible for other people: preparing food, changing diapers, driving kids here, there, and everywhere, etc. But this past weekend, I was solely responsible for myself (and I'm pretty low maintenance.)

Before I left I snapped pictures with the children so I'd have them to look at:

  photo d86c9998-c0e2-4a11-b89a-9002bd109ab4_zps90413985.jpg  photo e65eefe4-fef4-4b85-9c45-12cfe234078f_zps27ca7771.jpg

I did this before I left for Ethiopia, too. I always miss them like crazy and so it's nice to have these on my phone.

Then I set off on an airplane (or two) to the land where I was raised:

 photo 89409b89-a666-45b2-9d2c-a20ab3d1dc05_zpsfefb2756.jpg

Naturally, we went to Disneyland. I mean, where else would we go to celebrate my mom's birthday? Not only is it the happiest place on earth, but it is such a significant part of our family history.

 photo 4ebba6f2-7d1a-4443-b7e0-81a3bc94093a_zps0c6230a8.jpg

I had to stop and visit our brick - our own little piece of Disneyland. It was a Christmas gift from my brother in 2010:

 photo 255bc91f-738f-4e7b-b47a-1fbffe075d1e_zpse8a8b587.jpg

And naturally, I had to pay homage to my Grandpa Coats' window on Main Street. He was an integral part of the Disney company and helped bring to life so many beloved rides - as well as animated classics. It is such a treat to see him honored in this way.

 photo 243ed843-c194-4221-b041-9f38966ff0bd_zps098a06e3.jpg
[Refer to this August 10, 2009 post for more details.]

Now, before we arrived I was a little concerned about how large the crowds might be. Summer break usually equates to a solid mass of people and lines miles long. But somehow - miraculously - there were minimal crowds. I still can't make sense of it, but I'm not complaining! Take a look and see for yourself:

 photo 2626f555-b039-46aa-bc4e-bbf1665e3d89_zpsa3e4448a.jpg  photo aabbefec-fdaa-4844-9990-456dcc685eda_zps7662cc0f.jpg

Open space, low crowds, in June = a Disneyland miracle.
I think it was because it was my mom's birthday.

 photo a527cba3-af88-4c55-862f-8f8acc5e118b_zpsfef7f3e8.jpg
The Haunted Mansion - one of my Grandpa's creations.

 photo 52b1dbca-80b6-42bb-b622-2147457ba75e_zps3b6e44f4.jpg
 Big Thunder Mountain.

 photo 2782c3db-b992-4e69-8df1-1a82dff78ad6_zps470d057c.jpg

And, of course, I had to take in this Mary Poppins performance, because - you know - Mary Poppins is sort of my thing.

The whole time I kept thinking, "Elsa is going to love this!"
(taking her later this summer)

 photo ac0af05d-7e09-445a-a85f-a2fecdda8da6_zps4487061e.jpg  photo 0c20f3ab-1c0d-4b36-9162-a53c6b9fab81_zps8fe4b824.jpg
My sister, Kristin, and my mom, the birthday honoree! 

 photo 58800f2e-65e1-4ffd-aacd-680fcf8f182d_zpse61ee211.jpg   photo 573e86c4-ae89-424d-89c1-97024dc58923_zpsc0337f9f.jpg  

And no trip to Disneyland is complete without a ride on It's a Small World. It is my absolute favorite piece of Disneyland. It makes me happy, in every way possible. Simply put, it represents an ideal that I believe in.

 photo 4efaf2ff-3328-42ab-9bc1-015c6a6ee2f9_zpsbc28cb35.jpg  

Setting off on a trip around the world.

 photo 7eae0693-e55f-4853-a571-6709128a759f_zps5dd1e965.jpg  

Watching as my nephew, sister, and brother come off the ride. 
We are taking pictures of each other. 

 photo 13c9b08e-6738-4a41-9f78-50c418ddab10_zpsd90dd7f5.jpg  

See you soon, Disneyland! 

(And do me a favor and keep those crowds minimal for my return trip, okay?)

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