Monday, June 9, 2014

Support the Performing Arts!

Let me just say, Lorelai is a ham. Ha! Her dramatic poses have me cracking up. I love my daughters, I love all the fun we have.

 photo 205ce659-95b6-4f2e-84a2-16b511bb4d02_zps832a078b.jpg  photo 3ee02404-e019-4db5-b1ef-df867daae1e8_zps7f88e999.jpg  photo 8e61190d-701c-4c40-b4c0-e7a074c49144_zps79a04042.jpg  photo 589456b8-6a15-4250-8c46-dde5230e2fbf_zpsd5c4c232.jpg
[Just had to post these. Lorelai's poses were just too good not to share.]

Lisa's Finishing School:  
Support the Arts Community

Yesterday afternoon was the final performance of Eternal Light: A Requiem. I took Alexandra and Lorelai to the concert and was able to sit in the auditorium with them for the first half since I didn't perform until after intermission. It was a rare treat for me to be listening rather than performing. I was filled with gratitude, grateful for the gift of music and art; I get lost in it, it inspires me, it fuels me.

I would strongly encourage you to support the performing arts community wherever it is that you live. Find out what local groups are in your area and go watch them. We live in a world that can be so very complex and confusing, but there is also so much that is good. I believe art is a gift, one that can uplift us as well as inspire us to get out there and make a positive difference. At least it does for me.

 photo 6ce3bba1-c7a2-411a-99ff-86b86f839383_zps4f6c3846.jpg

It cracks me up when people - or in this case, my children - stand above and look in on the musicians in the orchestra pit. It makes me feel like an animal on exhibit at the zoo. Ha!

  photo 9596304e-867b-49cc-a4f8-cf14146c0497_zpsa8336773.jpg 
[Alexandra Louise and Lorelai Leigh]

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