Wednesday, November 5, 2014


I spend my mornings at the middle school and today stayed later than usual to go to chess club with Alexandra. Once upon a time I knew how to play chess, but that was something like 25 years ago and I absolutely didn't remember. So she gave me the basic rundown of rules and we began playing.

She won in less than a minute.

Then she put her hands over her mouth to muffle the laughing.

  photo 5885b747-d15d-43ed-98e5-34d420f80dea_zps7f418a00.jpg 

I admit, it was rather pathetic...and definitely laughable!

  photo bd60544d-87d4-4a8e-a01f-1bf17e8f8dd5_zps6b79f721.jpg 

Come the second game I managed to hang in there slightly longer, but it was still a lost cause. 
I think I'll spend the afternoon reading up on the strategies of chess.

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