Sunday, November 9, 2014

Family Portraits 2014

At the end of summer my friend, Lee Ann, took our family pictures -
our first set of family pictures with Elsa!

When I look at these photographs they bring me such joy - this is my family, those are my children. Essentially, these pictures show my greatest dreams come true.

 photo 66a357fa-c355-4d33-9a78-2ff43789dc56_zpse8b1efae.jpg

   photo aeeb6032-a9d8-4529-999b-fef66871a11f_zpscc7fe2f6.jpg

 photo cc5cc639-6bcd-4996-b4f3-29b129be9ba5_zps2ffd8af1.jpg

 photo a19977bc-5922-4266-a82a-cc6c56255445_zpsa7d0b641.jpg

 photo d017aa41-048a-46eb-9aed-3fab33c8445c_zps3d915e88.jpg

 photo 12f599a0-46b8-4234-8229-b0bdf83e4ca3_zps26675871.jpg

 photo 02b3f628-1b65-42f2-b3b3-f84bfc1bd923_zpsd071c596.jpg 

More to come. 
Lots and lots more!

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