Saturday, November 8, 2014

Fingers Crossed

While walking into Costco yesterday I said to Elsa,

"Keep your fingers crossed that they have good samples!"

Several minutes later Elsa says,

"It's hard to keep my fingers crossed..."

She had taken my request literally - I quickly explained that it was just an expression and that she could uncross them. Hah!

 photo f18638d5-156b-4aeb-b4c3-6b08a17bd587_zpsc46ab20d.jpg

For the record, the samples were delicious!

Later in the day Elsa went out front to rake leaves. She came in excitedly and told me to come see what she had done. I went outside and saw this:

 photo 9b718a26-eefc-4042-bd6c-e0d4a27e718e_zpscb267e5c.jpg


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