Monday, June 22, 2015

A Story About a Fitbit.

Remember ten days ago or so when I was feeling like a failure in regards to my mountaineering training? Well, on that day Donald went out and bought me a Fitbit as a form of encouragement. It's been a fun way to keep track of my hikes, steps, calories, etc. I love it! A few days later, Alexandra used some of her savings to buy one also, eager to get in on the action.

With Father's Day only a week away I knew the girls should give one to Donald. That way he could join in on step challenges and monitor his daily activity as well. So Alexandra, Lorelai, and Elsa picked out Fitbit with a nice orange band and hid it away until the big day.

Let me tell you - that week was almost unbearable. Every day the girls and I heard how 'it's too bad I don't have one', and 'everyone has one but me', and 'they are on sale at Costco, I should go buy one', and on and on and on... I kept making excuses like, 'we have a lot of expenses coming up, better not spend the money right now'.

The girls and I would laugh to each other. Donald is not one for patience.

Finally, Father's Day arrived.

This was Donald's reaction when he opened that coveted Fitbit:

 photo 48b10ad9-c3d2-4106-8c68-8e46206f3718_zpslzgdk5xy.jpg

 photo 2d5fe585-68df-4938-8e4d-59456047c41d_zps7eultvup.jpg

 photo cfe76297-5c50-439c-82f2-79e7f32dd37a_zpsjudkvhsv.jpg

Let the step challenges, begin!

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