Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Track Stars

Ladies and Gentlemen...

What we have here are two track stars.

 photo 96ea224f-7509-4d2b-a955-9d84619c825b_zpst86uehvj.jpg

Lorelai and Elsa recently competed at the  
Inland Northwest Junior Olympic Championships
and they rocked it!!!!

 photo c3bb8327-b4df-4160-9350-e05df4d5032a_zpsfqdjcodr.jpg

Lorelai won 3rd place in the long jump, 8th place in the 100 m, and 4th place in the shot put.

Check out her arms!

 photo b3c0767b-8cfa-4848-9388-0107ab665c46_zpsmhylcf2o.jpg

 photo 4216d5d1-990f-45b8-98b1-0b7e4e9fefea_zpsim4q80mk.jpg

Elsa won 2nd place in both the long jump and the 100 m.

 photo 51128ea4-0759-4f24-b191-3098a20ab873_zpsvtvrgrqe.jpg

And...both girls qualified in all events to move on to the regional championships next month!

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