Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Elisabeth the Wiggle Worm

When I left the room Elisabeth was laying on the center of the rainbow rug.
So imagine my surprise when I returned and found her clear across the room!

  photo 18ce7f01-191e-482c-ad99-d3148881adc2_zpsqqpwjn7t.jpg  photo 4d9aff95-0562-49d8-9b71-32b1db4e2f6b_zpsjtyaryzr.jpg 

It must have taken a whole lot of sitting up, falling down, and wiggling around to make it that far.

No wonder a little while later she looked like this:

 photo 5ae67153-5630-4468-b958-a7490339ddd0_zpsouc1cmml.jpg


  photo 0fad4ccd-532e-4170-83a2-54937fb2331d_zpsdsv0ymm5.jpg 

Never fear, after I took these pictures I promptly put a big bean bag chair alongside the couch in case she woke up and got to wiggling again!

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