Saturday, July 18, 2015

How To Feed Your Child While They Sleep: A Tutorial

It's breakfast time but your sweet little one is still sound asleep. The beauty and brilliance of a g-tube is that you can feed your child without waking them. I honestly feel that g-tubes are one of the greatest inventions of all time.

To start, make a nutritious meal. I change things up for Elisabeth, making her different things on different days - just like you would for any other child.

Today I cooked her some oatmeal:

 photo 4148e06c-450e-4c1d-942b-9358756762e4_zpsjpnr0ruq.jpg

Then I put it in the blender with a banana, whole milk, and a heaping spoonful of peanut butter:

 photo 36eae3e5-1bbf-4902-89e0-ded852b7b8ef_zpsqjo7o6qd.jpg


 photo 33e5d7a5-2eae-4123-848b-a33931fbef6b_zps8ddu6uro.jpg

Now that the meal is prepared, pour the desired amount into a measuring cup and prime the tube with water:

 photo 1bbb6e22-9dd8-44dc-9432-935a42adcd8f_zpssrf1ksgl.jpg

Next, quietly - oh, so quietly - tiptoe into the bedroom of the slumbering angel...

 photo 63c7a503-1b29-4c7b-a2d3-835d43fbbbbf_zpslpktquar.jpg

Gently, lift shirt to expose g-tube button and open cap.

 photo a958bdb9-bf76-495c-a097-601ef2414ce7_zpscxyqowkt.jpg

Attach tube to button and pour in the prepared meal. Unlatch the tube and let gravity pull the food into the stomach. Keep pouring until all food is safely in the tummy.

 photo b28860cb-7706-4936-af90-01b2a07495b8_zpsz3dgqbfb.jpg  photo a439e3c3-2b4d-4880-a7ed-74d8c7a9ed9c_zpsoqz9xicz.jpg

Twist tube to detach and close the button cap.

 photo 16c08f8b-f196-43bf-b8e7-178a8820111b_zpsg6zyokdf.jpg

Finally, pull the covers back up, kiss your baby on the head, and quietly tip toe back out the way you came.

 photo 88aed3c7-6a1c-4dc9-a419-ba7039f0cbcf_zpse3l8prtn.jpg 

Breakfast has been served.

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