Thursday, August 20, 2015

It's What Life's All About

Elisabeth rarely laughs, so when she does it feels like a little gift.

  photo c9fe8300-3ab8-4bd8-a166-3103f52d3a9f_zpskoqovlql.jpg  photo 06044ed6-76fa-47ba-b37c-1588d8452cee_zpsv3wiofc9.jpg  photo 6b867690-368b-458a-b787-253d51b9eb9b_zpspog3difr.jpg  photo b03747f3-a9b9-47fb-988b-c1a6708ea75e_zpsl7xvxfqy.jpg

And that gift sparkles and shines and reminds me just how beautiful life is. 

Life isn't about being perfect...
 it's about being happy.

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