Wednesday, December 9, 2015

An Ornamental Afternoon

Trimming the Tree.

  photo 20151206_104847_zpssiprb7te.jpg
By golly, look at that!
Somehow Alexandra is suddenly tall enough to reach way up to the top!
  photo 20151206_104914_zpsigfd202v.jpg
You'll notice the familiar tape ornament hanging just to the left of Lorelai's chin.
A true Sorenson classic!

  photo 20151206_104852_zpslsbpwqo3.jpg
Elsa's third time decorating a Christmas tree. THIRD. Time flies. It really, really does.

  photo 20151206_105421_zpsasgab54t.jpg  photo 20151206_104905_zpsvy54qudn.jpg
And while the girls made the tree sparkle, Brigitta just stayed curled up by the fire in her Christmas sweater.

Before the decorations were complete, Donald and the girls went to a friends house to watch a football game, leaving me alone (with some old Christmas records) to finish things up.
It was a bit magical.

 photo 20151206_163803_zpsh96qwmvq.jpg

When they got back, our home was completely transformed into a Christmas wonderland.
 photo 20151206_192958_zps9tc147om.jpg
[Lorelai playing her xylophone and Elsa reading a Curious George book.]

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