Tuesday, December 8, 2015

My New Job

Sometimes life just falls into place and you have that comforting feeling that everything is happening as it should.

That's how I feel about life right now.

Ever since Elisabeth started going to school full time I toyed around with the idea of working since I had my days free, but then I would quickly realize that I couldn't work because I needed to be available should Elisabeth need me. Plus, she is only at school from 8:30 -3:00. And there was summer break, no school days, and early release days to consider. I couldn't see how working would be compatible with that. So other than teaching music students from my home and playing in the symphony, I kept unemployed.

Until now.

Back in early October I saw a job posting for a position at Elisabeth's elementary school. It was to be a one on one para-educator for a boy with cerebral palsy. I couldn't believe my eyes...and quickly thought through all the reasons this would be the perfect job for me:

  • I would go to school and leave school with Elisabeth.
  • I would be in the same building as her should there be an emergency.
  • I would have her same schedule; she has a day off, I have a day off.
  • I would get to snuggle Elisabeth during my lunch break.
  • I would get to see Elisabeth off and on all day (can you see this was a major plus for me?).
  • I would be using my knowledge and expertise in caring for a disabled child.
  • I would be earning money to put towards another adoption.

On my pro/con list there was not one con...just pro after pro after pro.

So I applied...and they hired me!

I have been working now for the past 6 weeks and I can say it has been such a positive experience, everything I expected and more. Of course, seeing Elisabeth all day has been a blessing, but I also get such joy out of being in a second grade classroom, in interacting with the children, in hearing the funny things they say, in helping them learn, and in caring for the boy under my watch.

I wake every morning excited to to go to work and know that life, once again, has fallen into place perfectly.

I feel blessed. And happy. Oh, so happy.

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