Thursday, February 18, 2016

Gymnastics Meet #4

~The MAC Open~
Portland, OR
Valentine's Day 2016

What a turn around!!! After some strong focus and an attitude change, Lorelai was a whole new girl at the meet this past weekend! I am SO PROUD OF HER!!!! Her scores improved dramatically, but it wasn't the scores that impressed me as much as the personal progression. I am not concerned about how she places or what the scores are, but rather that she is being her personal best and growing as a person and athlete. The MAC open showed me that she is.

 photo IMG_20160214_183420_zpsalb4ofam.jpg 
[Lorelai on the balance beam, 2/14/16.]


Bars - 8.35
Beam - 8.2
Floor - 8.4
Vault - 8.525

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