Monday, February 22, 2016

Joshua Bell Live!

Saturday night was the night my dream of 20+ years came true: 
I listened to Joshua Bell perform live in concert.

With Alexandra in a play and Elsa having a basketball game, and with Elisabeth and her special needs, it made sense that I just go alone. 

So I gave Elisabeth kisses...

 photo 20160220_120957_zpshibqwxym.jpg

 And posed for a picture with my family...

 photo 20160220_123828_zps4hbzl3av.jpg  

And set off on a solo adventure to Portland. 

After checking in at the hotel, I got dressed and did my 
hair into a good see-Joshua-Bell-perform hairdo. 

I was tickled with how it turned out:

 photo 20160220_172513_zpsrqxjdm3y.jpg

Then off to the concert hall!  photo IMG-1456021121513-V_zpsn4xujwig.jpg

As I walked in I was trembling. I couldn't believe the night was here, something I had waited so long for. Part of me was a little nervous. I had built this up in my head for so long and soon it would be over and I would never have this first magical experience again. But I decided not to dwell on that, to soak up the moment while it was happening.

The interior of the hall was breathtaking:

 photo 20160220_182204_zpspafnp6oo.jpg   photo IMG-1456023754997-V_zps3meuvhau.jpg  photo IMG-1456023765576-V_zpswmp362jz.jpg 

Joshua performed the Bruch Violin Concerto - which happens to be my favorite. Having played it in my youth, I know every note, and that intimate knowledge of the piece made it even that more thrilling to listen to. It was as if I could not only hear the music, but feel the music. And when Joshua Bell played it...oh, the sound! The only way I can describe it is to say it sounded like butter tastes: smooth and rich and creamy. I couldn't stop smiling the entire time. My dream was coming true and it was the most magical of experiences!!!

And then - as if that didn't qualify it as one of the best nights of my life already - he was signing autographs in the lobby afterwards!!

  photo 20160220_213235_zpszolxxqvt.jpg

I met Joshua Bell!!!!!!!!!!!

 photo b8a09c20-ceb5-4623-8da8-d2bcc9ff6465_zpsg4nhpntr.jpg

I still can't believe it. Twas the perfect night in every way, from beginning to end. 

There is a lot of negativity in the world; a lot of evil and hatred and misfortune and anger. But as I fell asleep that night and reflected on my evening I thought how that experience felt like all the good in the world. It felt inspiring, happy, beautiful. And it was all for me. The memories I made will be ones that I cherish forever.

The next morning I took out my autographed CD and listened to it on repeat as I drove back to my home and back to my family.

 photo IMG-1456072415472-V_zps3s1njehb.jpg 

The drive was beautiful. I spotted seven bald eagles!  photo 20160221_091149_zpshpkc2k16.jpg 

And at last I was back and within minutes the girls and I were playing a game together in the family room. 
  photo 20160221_125048_zpscn44xtsx.jpg 

I am blessed in life, of this I am sure. I am blessed by my family. I am blessed by music. I am blessed by rich experiences - such as the concert this weekend.  

Life is good.

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