Tuesday, December 31, 2013

An Ode to 2013


Years from now, when I am quite old and reflecting back on my life, 2013 will stand out as a very important year. It was the year I traveled to a far off land and met my daughter, Elsa. By then, she and I will have known each other for a life time. I will have raised her and it will be hard to imagine there ever was a time that I didn't know her. Then I will remember back to this year and those first moments together. I will think of bringing her home, teaching her English, and watching her eyes as she made discoveries about things like ice cubes and vacuum cleaners.

2013 has been one of the richest of my life. I have felt myself grow as a person - both in compassion and understanding. There is no doubt that I end this year a very different person than I started. I am in awe of life - how it keeps moving forward; how it keeps changing; how it brings experiences that we don't always expect; how we [I] can continually learn and grow.

 photo 920012c2-ca6f-4394-a518-3a9e7f6556d8_zps61d89f28.jpg
[The first time I met Elsa. Ethiopia, August 12, 2013.]

Farewell, 2013.

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