Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Experiments and Such

I love the afternoons where I pick up the girls from school and we just come home. Where we don't have to rush to guitar lessons, or ballet class, or gymnastics - just home.

Yesterday was one of those days.

We came home. The girls put on last Thursdays episode of American Idol. Then they started brainstorming. Alexandra started drawing out plans for some invention she is working on. Lorelai stood on the balance beam and began thinking up different science experiments she could conduct in the kitchen. She then recruited Alexandra and they got to work. They filled freezer container lids with different combinations of sugar and salt and water. Now they are sitting on my kitchen counter and the girls are patiently waiting for the water to evaporate so that they can see what sort of residue is left.

  photo 5edf4df9-cabf-42c6-b9e7-63c8dbc9674f_zpsab43bd78.jpg  photo 79dc1966-bf2d-4e7e-8d35-9039bbc72b17_zpsf4d872f5.jpg  photo a0abae3c-cf78-4bd9-9b17-8a2a96e4ea77_zpse8a2fb3e.jpg  photo b80a2fc1-f559-4627-a963-7530004fbd90_zpsa19abd29.jpg 

And Elisabeth and me? 

We snuggled... 

  photo b6894ae7-6721-454c-8092-2cf19155eab9_zpscc7d7e6f.jpg

Monday, February 25, 2013

Going Places

Sometimes I just sit back and wonder what she'll become. 
She's destined for greatness, of that I'm sure.

 photo 073a930b-6bea-40a4-88a8-a85df6c051c4_zps605f10e7.jpg
Alexandra Louise ~ age 10.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Homemade Candle

When you forget to buy a birthday candle...try rolling up a receipt from the grocery store.

Worked like a charm.

  photo 0d213daf-003f-4aff-b893-2295c63810cc_zps597aa906.jpg  photo bc5421ec-d297-4d33-a05b-578a1edf9364_zpsce51eaea.jpg  photo f2b90dc5-b746-4f54-9096-f732d1392a45_zpsfb115184.jpg

(Brilliant idea, Jennifer!)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Light the Candles!

What an amazing sister you are! 
 photo 80361db7-8b1a-4562-829f-0dd95c502d81_zps3f2b3d43.jpg

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bit by the Queen

You may or may not have noticed that Elisabeth's teeth are...shall we say...unique; sharp and pointy like a cute little monster (see Halloween post). And then she has this huge, open bite due to her pacifier. But the dentist says not to worry...an open bite can interfere with speech and eating...but obviously Elisabeth isn't concerned about her speech and eating habits. So together we decided that she shall have a binky so long as her heart desires.

Anyways, back to that unique little mouth of hers. A few days ago she chomped down on my arm. It hurt - bad. Naturally, I told Elisabeth she was a good girl anyways (she has no idea that chomping down on an arm causes pain). 

Now I am left looking like I have had an encounter with a vampire. Her teeth up on top don't actually close down due to that open bite...so all that pierced my skin were her little cuspids. 

 photo f3ada2d4-82c6-4c65-a340-ed01ccb784fe_zps6bc60a8d.jpg

In other news... 

I finished reading 11-22-63 by Stephen King last night. Oh my goodness, I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing that book is! I admit...I poked my way through it. Purposefully. I didn't want it to end. But alas, the end finally came and it was brilliant.

Go read it, okay?

Monday, February 18, 2013

The Untamed Curls

"Lizzy, I know you don't like your long hair...but Oma demands it."

 photo 400fd44e-4381-47c9-ae44-de8e89b2c112_zpsd9ecf033.jpg

I laughed so hard.

***Oma is my mom for those that are wondering.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine Review

Our day was filled with:

and Love.

  photo 4af05109-2058-4452-95dd-5c167726be98_zpsb8c9af6c.jpg  photo 10810f4e-fd8a-472a-8481-6ee73ea0ca05_zps5897c661.jpg  photo 16c27376-a793-400e-9126-715d0eab573b_zpse23f0ff0.jpg  photo 753eea7f-feb2-43ac-96da-0dbf1e460251_zps1306cf13.jpg  photo ddd4cd1e-48f1-4fdc-a87b-0e664bf2944f_zps0a70880b.jpg
 photo 3251cc14-ce8a-45e3-a9a2-06464c4e34b8_zps6e7dfa84.jpg 

We ran out of time to make our sugar cookies though.

Never fear, we'll make up for it today.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

 photo 21fa02e5-0d85-4cff-9a86-9fec484fa30d_zpsc8cb0636.jpg

Monday about 4:30:

Alexandra: "Mom, can they do brain transplants? You know, where they take a brain from one person and give it to another person."

Me: "No. That wouldn't quite work."

Alexandra: "Oh, darn! I was hoping I could give my brain to Elisabeth."

Lorelai: "Would you give me your brain?"

Alexandra: "I would if your brain was like Elisabeth's."

Now that's love.
 photo 429ff161-bcbb-40c3-9e3d-150487e578e4_zpsb0910661.jpg

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Competetive Gymnast

 photo b460183b-09ad-4b23-a7ae-e20c34019b02_zps17c6aa99.jpg

Lorelai started gymnastics just five months ago - in the beginning level. She quickly advanced through all the recreational levels and last week was put on the Level 4 competitive team!!!

Can you believe it?!!

She is going places, I tell you!!

Oh, I am just so proud of her!!!

You should have heard me squeal when I heard the news.

(I am just a tad bit excited!)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentines for Classmates

Since we all know that I lack the creative gene, I made a visit to Pinterest to seek inspiration for Alexandra and Lorelai's school valentines. What I found was an adorable, easy, and inexpensive way to turn paint chips into Valentine's Day bookmarks. 

How do people think of these things??

  photo 26b2df1f-eb95-4d75-b9a7-5140835c175d_zps3acc60f8.jpg  photo 2cd60b5d-23f2-41d1-be42-eae61e21d8fc_zps6f07bb38.jpg  photo 91ea7b1e-931a-4a36-9170-8d33bd510065_zpsb8ebe149.jpg  photo d6173e32-04ee-4b2f-85e8-e9e6e7339b12_zps21928658.jpg  photo 708a6e36-474a-4a11-a97e-8fb02f8e6a4a_zps96366fe7.jpg

Friday, February 8, 2013

Kids These Days...

Only in 21st century would a child text their parent from a few rooms away.

  photo 2c5a025d-f33c-4d3f-832e-2a99f67c5218_zps1ed9e8ce.jpg 

 Talking is sooooo last century.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Another Night at Gymnastics...

 photo b73bb625-f0f5-4e02-a465-94925112b929_zps7d9c8768.jpg 
"Whoa, did you see what Lorelai just did!?"

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

One Year Ago Today...

I was in Hawaii. 

The air was warm.

The water was blue

Sometimes I think I should move there... 

 photo 0dac2d82-6a7c-418a-a92d-773cfb71d8cf_zps4e42e6b2.jpg

Monday, February 4, 2013

Beware of Four-Square

So...this might hinder her guitar playing for a while...  photo cb8fd60f-932e-4e14-99e7-b0cc71d14836_zpsba220571.jpg
Who knew four-square could be so dangerous?

The x-ray shows what looks like a broken finger. But it was a little funny looking so we are waiting to hear from the radiologist today. In the meantime, her doctor wants it wrapped up good - just in case. 

In other news... 

Look at my newest book bundle!
I just listed it in my shop and I am absolutely in love with it:

 photo 6e092565-6460-41c8-aede-e00950502a62_zps73a74d75.jpg 

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