Monday, September 30, 2013

Autumn Leaf Festival


Saturday, we drove to our favorite American-Bavarian village to enjoy their Fall Festival. Unfortunately, it was pouring rain the entire time. Fortunately, that doesn't stop things like parades and pie eating contests.

 photo b05c25ac-7e27-43d0-8b68-cd300e7f0b3b_zpsca4da796.jpg  photo 07e0a08a-36c6-403c-98dd-a6b4b10760f3_zpscb4872b2.jpg

It might have rained on the parade, but we didn't let that rain on our parade...if you know what I mean!

  photo 3c0a753c-6394-447a-ba75-07fe45eb6853_zps4e306c35.jpg  photo fd2ef328-0d0b-4ab5-9d57-fd2a55184021_zpsfaa4422a.jpg

Pretzel Toss


 photo fd14f2b5-08a6-4199-b334-dce26c7364ba_zps682c8275.jpg
 photo 2bb575a8-8a66-4bd9-b7d5-4683a1db539c_zps52c3ff4b.jpg


  photo f607cca1-4555-498e-8677-09739176ff21_zps54d78e97.jpg  photo 7bd281d3-8d10-4525-8b50-b2d77e77aa24_zpseaa7da07.jpg  photo 2846d0bc-18ea-4693-aa0b-2a7304a6659b_zps7465d0fb.jpg


   photo 98e21aec-a58e-4a89-b31c-f97a9adbeec6_zps3270fc81.jpg  photo 864f49e8-52dd-48b6-ba62-3c2d55f9af64_zpsc9cfc38f.jpg  photo 9ab2d516-b632-4b93-99e6-29f57ab419a3_zps08bccd77.jpg

(I played too, but nobody photographs the photographer!)

Pie Eating Contest  photo ccf16bd9-280d-42ff-a077-9edcb8496ccc_zps5ed0da5c.jpg  photo 10c19340-5f6a-4da3-9ab6-a8eadc675b64_zpsd52da732.jpg  photo 3b2025dd-8fd9-41e5-be25-70d8a7fb9359_zpseceb2a77.jpg  photo 3e6a6112-cfb3-4356-a2ef-3557dc238c42_zpse79cbf95.jpg

She didn't win, but still earned a $5.00 prize!

 photo 1395de96-a5e8-492a-853e-be364754de68_zpsacf4718b.jpg

Note: Elisabeth was in fact with us! (Though the photographs may suggest otherwise) She was just in her jogger bundled under a gazillion blankets.

Also note: Elisabeth has surgery today at 7:30 a.m. in Spokane. So wear your sock monkey's and keep her close in your thoughts!

 photo 0a1a846e-27d8-4b96-8b70-25ddc47ac5ff_zps06fae013.jpg

Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Giver on the Big Screen!

I have news. Huge news!

My brother Marc informed me yesterday that a movie of The Giver is being made!

Anyone who knows me knows that this my all-time favorite book. This is a book that I can read over and over again and have new thoughts and ideas each time. This is a book that speaks to me. This is a book that I am passionate about. can imagine how excited I am to see it come to life on the big screen!!

News around the campfire is that they start filming October 7th in South Africa and it is set to release August 15th, 2014.

Here's the cast (in part):

Jonas - Brenton Thwaites (Funny that he is 24 and Jonas is supposed to be 12!)
The Giver - Jeff Bridges
Chief Elder - Meryl Streep
Rosemary - Taylor Swift
Jonas' Mother - Katie Holmes

Oh, I can't wait!!!!

(And I thought I was excited about Saving Mr. Banks!)

And if you haven't read The Giver yet, then please, oh, please....hop to it!

Friday, September 27, 2013

It's My Two Year Spinal-versary!

Two years post spinal surgery:

- No pain
- No numbness
- No limitations

I am one lucky gal. From what I have read, most people don't experience a full and complete recovery.

Having my spine in tip-top shape means that I can be the best mother and caretaker possible for Elisabeth. Lifting/carrying her is easy and effortless. Well, maybe not effortless...but lightyears from where I was a few years ago (and she's a lot bigger now!)

That surgery was one of the best experiences of my life. To experience such a transformation is not something I will ever forget, nor is it something I will ever take for granted. 

Speaking of surgery...Elisabeth is going in on Monday to have a vagus nerve stimulator placed in her chest. Oh, how I hope this surgery changes her life! Elisabeth experiences seizures by the hour and is in desperate need of relief. Here's hoping that the VNS can significantly reduce the frequency and severity of her seizures. 

Surgery is scheduled for 7:30 AM on the 30th. Send a thought or two her way!

 photo 6c166040-3b7f-4cdc-93ff-2e9862ef8c78_zps85e3406e.jpg  photo a98d99d9-203d-49e2-bd8d-f4c6992ad57a_zpseb281ed6.jpg  photo 15140643-fa38-4940-9588-4b850f7fe8cf_zps1bdf23d0.jpg  photo 0d018f4c-1a7e-4e59-ac5d-3e91e4d36f5d_zps6dce784a.jpg 

Thursday, September 26, 2013


Lorelai is happiest when she is rolling, turning, flipping, or bouncing. 

 photo 837defbd-7cd9-45c2-a85b-2e2844f9f094_zps118f84ec.jpg  photo 0eb8f066-4c96-47bb-8152-cace9b65999b_zpsec087a13.jpg  photo c08d1eaa-3d81-49ef-899f-c52f59b7d712_zpsa743360f.jpg  photo e716c188-281a-49d5-bcd6-5cc6c3e55249_zpsb5bfd0d5.jpg 

Like that.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Party

Queen Elisabeth  
turned six,
 and it looked like this:

  photo 2b2691c4-3e3b-4dd3-9368-84ac8c5e0ba7_zpsb0461cb5.jpg 
A crown fit for a queen.

  photo 6f8bee31-576b-4fdc-ad01-a799f12eef85_zpse0eb63ac.jpg  photo efb1e1b4-dfd5-4c2c-af3b-1fe8bf560674_zps5cf8dab6.jpg 
When you have a forever baby, birthday parties tend to look like baby showers. Lorelai thought elephants and binkies would be the perfect way to decorate. I think she was right.

  photo e3a7bece-9ea1-4718-8420-df79d94a1536_zps55be59a9.jpg  photo 965ddee1-fcb6-4ee2-8272-e31ee22289af_zpse6a14a6b.jpg  photo b2768403-1c29-4df5-9a61-c98ed5395366_zpsbdac33f0.jpg  photo ae748ecc-81fe-481f-a42c-194059a65a93_zps6354bd38.jpg 
The girls dolled Brigitta up for the party. Doesn't she look ladylike?

And Brigitta wasn't the only one to get dressed up for the occasion...
  photo 00847f07-d627-4677-a6a1-7292f6fc010a_zpseebbe91a.jpg  photo 1fd06729-ce80-40d3-b3e8-ee8a8461e3ee_zps7d2682c8.jpg
 photo c114b937-9c55-4b52-8979-13a10b9bee5a_zpsec95430a.jpg

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

It's Elisabeth's Birthday!

I tell no tales, 
I play no tricks,
Truth be told, 
 Elisabeth is six!

  photo 0bd2fe8f-ed13-489c-83ed-96946ab207ae_zps4af56c32.jpg  photo 7597d913-d25d-431f-82ab-a46c9631a5ab_zps27223cb2.jpg  photo cd3201e3-c328-43b6-900b-d0d881bc0918_zps1cebdd6f.jpg  photo 63efed6d-3672-42f8-bbea-89ed03bfe899_zps5a90e575.jpg
Photographs by Photography by Lee Ann.

Six years 
of pure joy!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Welcome, Fall!

It's here! It's here! My favorite time of the year! 

I can think of a million things I love about Fall: my children's birthdays, cool weather, school buses, football games, sweaters, and on and on and on... 

Alexandra, Lorelai, and I welcomed the new season by whipping up a batch of pumpkin cookies, topped with white chocolate m&m's.

 photo c86fda91-b35f-4949-98a5-0d89e5180b25_zps4866ce2d.jpg  photo 96aa35a5-c25e-40e0-b96a-43765074d205_zps7f11c2ae.jpg  photo 3a7617ce-d7d8-4555-97d8-9cf3396e7311_zps409036a0.jpg  photo ffdfbc6b-47e7-4a1e-94e8-21a52ab125ce_zps715ce586.jpg 

 They tasted like Autumn in a cookie.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Take note:

Gymnasts wear chalk.
  photo 34f7bee2-7f0b-496b-ab35-d2ce16150f3a_zps9a61d067.jpg

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Back-to-School Night

  photo e738b187-1fcd-4162-8897-b3d01bd21c63_zps82df1111.jpg

 Lorelai had a little booklet on her desk. Inside, I found these pages:
  photo 0707035d-630a-42c7-a6c6-65bdcda70de7_zps2208b1e7.jpg  photo 3c7ea22b-7f32-40a2-b9b0-97368ed2345d_zps630040a9.jpg
Notice the family portrait - Elsa's there!

And look at that - I'm one of Lorelai's hero's!!!!

  photo caefe1c9-d349-420f-844e-17c660070c19_zps175dd2f4.jpg

 photo e9377170-9e61-49c0-97c6-85e4264f2561_zps786ace82.jpg  photo 0f799dae-592c-48ab-adbc-2cca56c513be_zps4278e911.jpg

Alexandra, showing off her water cup:
  photo f2678bd7-e7b8-41fd-aa30-f3db0ce06366_zps32f7b6c3.jpg

She tells me this little water cup is supposed to last her the entire year!
I said..."that's it, you're getting a plastic cup for your birthday."
 (I'm serious.)

  photo e2866954-10f1-4298-a39d-a86e433089a2_zps707763ab.jpg 

 Back-to-School night, the perfect time to take over the white board: photo 77b4b5de-c633-4836-864b-fe1448f2d178_zpsdfe2759b.jpg
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