Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sister Carrying Sister

Lorelai wanted to be the one to get Elisabeth out of bed.

So she climbed in, and cradled her into her arms...

 photo ab82d124-fc18-4f1e-b19b-be884a2b5ea7_zpsb7hebyzr.jpg

But then...a seizure struck:

 photo 9e2896a5-a953-4c9c-b809-b5bbd2b5b0fc_zpsacooyded.jpg

So Lorelai held her steady and gave her comfort.

When it ended, up they got:

 photo f9d650c1-aa47-4a1a-b2c7-bbefca6c7bdb_zpsrhlbeumw.jpg

No reason to get all worked up over a seizure, right? 

Just keep calm and carry on:

 photo a6782d74-2f81-4cc9-9cb5-9e9536f06c9a_zpsxoeikdns.jpg  photo 74aeec3c-c7a8-4c35-b642-3821c10fcf4d_zpsuotbzwbs.jpg

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The State Championship

At the beginning of the month we piled into the van and headed west to the 2015 Washington State Gymnastics Championship where Lorelai competed as a level 4 gymnast.

  photo 3e1fc96c-dc03-464e-b3ec-da4772bf90e3_zpsmlcy9zum.jpg

I struggled to get good photographs, as you can imagine this was a big meet with a lot of people. And said people just didn't want to get out of the way. But, we do the best we can do, right?

Lorelai performing her floor routine:

  photo ef9280b9-9800-459a-999c-5c54430b3e17_zps4q1plo9r.jpg

Lorelai on the balance beam:

  photo 6a82fb0c-002c-442b-afe6-bee5cadf65de_zpsqlbypgu0.jpg  photo af6a977b-a15a-4c1f-983b-d3c44900a088_zpsgh9m7fmm.jpg

Lorelai on the uneven bars:

 photo 5ef60e61-bbab-455f-bb8b-825ceef33553_zpsemjaa7hx.jpg

As for vault...it was clear on the other side of the gym and the was absolutely no getting a photograph of that.

Lorelai didn't place, but....she competed at the state gymnastics competition for goodness sakes! I am so proud of her. Being a competitive gymnast takes hard work and sacrifice. While most 10 year olds get out of school and head home to play with neighborhood friends, Lorelai goes straight to the gym and doesn't get home until it is nearly bedtime. Last summer, when she moved up to level 4 - and consequently the more intense practice schedule - she really struggled. She was in tears every day and hated being away from home. At one point we even made the decision to have her quit, but her coach encouraged her to give it a month and see if she adjusted. And...obviously she did.

Gymnastics is about so much more than state titles. It's about the life lessons it is teaching Lorelai at the young age of 10. She is learning about hard work, about dedication, about persevering even through pain. She is learning to focus, to manage her time, and to be disciplined. She is learning about her body; how to balance it, how to control it, how to treat it well so that she can be her best. And last but not least, she is surrounding herself with peers who are like minded and equally as dedicated.

All of these things will play a critical role in developing Lorelai into the person she will be as an adult. I have no doubt she will take the skills and lessons taught through gymnastics and do extraordinary things in life.

 photo 3be0319d-cbe6-4dcf-ab31-ab79e4ce4754_zps20r4fu8q.jpg

Lorelai and her fellow teammates.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Day Elsa Turned Eight!!

  photo 864dabed-35b6-4d0b-8851-6da26c57bf3c_zpsejauznkw.jpg  photo 8ecf89f4-bc83-4628-bc46-9911b552db4f_zpsvr2xmjmr.jpg  photo 11405c5b-086e-438b-9b6f-f1524ebfb404_zpsy7swazxb.jpg  photo 8f4dbeb4-a8d2-4101-80fc-be4ba44953dc_zpsdjxyy5qs.jpg  photo 885e5366-6792-4c5b-8a09-b31bcf94cb10_zps9gya9qur.jpg  photo 7714a26a-a161-4eb6-b286-53d98ec635c0_zpsrzkdsyxn.jpg  photo ea3e8e8f-cb88-49f7-a148-69b48bb1e9cb_zps6dzzzc26.jpg  photo b5b42724-a5d5-4160-9ad3-6796cc76d9ea_zpsiluzw4nj.jpg  photo 88b8b5bd-7773-4809-99da-3191c12dc42a_zpsc5lhak97.jpg  photo d4935bdd-b46a-4346-aeca-6c3e82f0f7bf_zpsfkygv2zb.jpg  photo 9cf93ae0-11e1-451d-8abf-cc2d1a91509f_zpsmcyo5cpc.jpg  photo f724da5c-3efc-40d3-b677-0248c9f9a9e7_zpslfqwjzzh.jpg
   photo a88b171a-e5ca-4c2d-ba89-d271f3448ed0_zpsdbu6rgrm.jpg  photo a0f10c97-0bb0-49fc-a6a1-8c90349c6ed9_zpsyfmkgnlc.jpg  photo f2e6cabe-e461-48cb-8389-4e5fc03f2825_zpslrcsgetk.jpg  photo 037dda0f-da87-48e3-8885-d20da4d1583d_zpsg26cgybk.jpg  photo 51c83d17-ef61-4cfb-8e75-d29c3549b8da_zpsla28ggt7.jpg  photo 66ea453f-1552-4eb6-b5ec-085aed5d6526_zpsdzcbecgd.jpg  photo e2998382-4b9a-4233-bf63-83fd51c55a2b_zpspuvmkjvo.jpg  photo 27835bf5-b839-4f2e-acfe-946d87ce9dd9_zpsaobpqyhj.jpg

will be 
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