Saturday, December 31, 2016

An Ode to 2016

Spinal Fusion. 
New Van. Disneyland. Holes.
Hoopfest Champions. Fire Station No. 5. Palouse Falls.
School House Rock. Joshua Bell. The Holiday Bowl. Clarence.
 Beethoven's 5th. Kennewick High 20 Year Reunion.
Gymnastics. Chinook Middle School. Cross Country. Apollo.
    Pole Vault. Junie B. Jones. Gymnastics State Championship.
Track and Field. Nixon Library. Multnomah Falls. 
Emily and Guinness. Tula Carrier.
Happy Accidents. James the Goose.   
It's a Wonderful Life. 


Each year, as I sit down to write an Ode to the year gone by, I am in awe. There is so much life that has been lived, things that one year ago I never would have dreamed of. 

A year ago I didn't know we would lose two pets, and add a new one to our family (today!). 

A year ago I didn't know that Elisabeth would have surgery to fuse her entire spine. 

A year ago I didn't know that three of my children would be transferring to new schools. 

A year ago I didn't know that I would finally see Joshua Bell perform in concert. 

A year ago I didn't know that Donald would be cast in his first play and fall in love with theater. 

A year ago I had no idea of any of it...but it all happened, life has continued to write its story.
And now we turn the page to 2017 and I wonder, what will this year bring?
  photo 20161231_112819_zpswgeytink.jpg

Our new goldendoodle, Apollo, who joined our family this morning!

 photo 20161231_112930_zpstblvtz2n.jpg

Goodbye, 2016!
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