Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Pool Incident

Here is the truth:

Having a child like Elisabeth isn't always easy.

Usually, when you have a baby, they grow and progress. They learn to be self sufficient. They learn to be independent.

That's not the case with my sweet little Elisabeth.

As she had grown it has become increasingly more difficult to care for her. Normally I don't dwell on it - or even mind it. I just love her and care for her and feel lucky all along the way.

But every once in a while a day will come where it just seems downright hard. Yesterday, for example:

I try to take my girls to the pool most days. With Elisabeth, this is a big production. Making sure that I have all of her supplies, and diapers, and then the added task of managing her in the pool - lifting her, carrying her, dealing with seizures, etc, etc, etc. Taking her to the pool is a big job. But I do it day in and day out to add variety and fun to her life; she deserves more than being stuck in the house.

Yesterday was a bit of a disaster. A disaster that involved a swim diaper that did not work properly and an entire water park that got shut down as a result. Aside from the fact that I was simply mortified that the pool incident happened, I was left carrying a poop-covered, sopping wet, seizing five and a half year old.

I came home and cried.

Later in the day, as I was talking about the pool incident with Alexandra, I made a comment about how conspicuous we are. Any other kid can poop in the pool and the next day they blend right in with the crowd. Not the case with us. We stand out; Elisabeth stands out.

"Sometimes I wish we weren't so noticeable,"
I said, thinking about the beauty of anonymity.

Immediately, Alexandra looked at me and said,

"I'm glad that people notice us because of Elisabeth."

My heart soared. I was so glad to know that Alexandra feels a sense of pride because Elisabeth is her sister.  She knows Elisabeth is special and feels the same honor I do in having her in our family.

I am blessed in life. Blessed to be a mother. Blessed to have these beautiful daughters. It's true that there are additional challenges that come from raising a child with brain damage, but I know that these challenges build strength and increase compassion and understanding. Elisabeth has taught me so much in life and about life. How lovely that a child who is limited in so many ways can be the greatest teacher of all.

It might be a few days before I brave the water park again, but I know that when I do I'll carry her in with my head held high; proud that she is mine.

Alexandra is right, Elisabeth is a wonderful reason to be noticed.

 photo 17ebcb11-346e-4641-8b18-f18bd112af06_zps98e5e381.jpg

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Future Olympian 2020

Fast as a 
 photo bc425b0e-dd36-49e0-9e8a-076a5251ed36_zps3a8b1c3b.jpg
[Notice the grin on her face; Lorelai is made to race!]

Let me tell you something about Lorelai Leigh. Lorelai Leigh is fast. Oh so fast. She has never lost a race.  So when we heard about a track and field camp for kids her age we knew she had to participate.

The Chariots of Fire theme song was singing through my head as I watched Lorelai run. She beat every other kid by about a third of the length they were racing.

This girl has speed, I tell you!

 photo 63d4c698-12be-4db7-b4dd-9e994481ed5d_zps6b55099a.jpg  photo 04d7363d-6669-4e5e-8129-8fd0747273e8_zps7caff70b.jpg  photo ea4cd431-9de7-49f8-bf59-a0e7b81454d1_zpsbac9969f.jpg

Track meet is on Thursday - I'll post results here on Friday!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Destination: Leavenworth

On Saturday we put the children into the car and drove to Leavenworth, a city here in Washington that resembles a Bavarian village. It is absolutely charming! Alexandra said she likes it better than Disneyland. Now that's saying something!
 photo f4ecfa8b-e265-455f-bb9d-16b10ae8d8f2_zpsf17c20fe.jpg  photo ba3880bc-b672-4afc-8cc8-129809f99ff2_zps38ca331a.jpg  photo bd4cba99-e5ed-4b7e-8b1a-bca87cae9070_zps7bb1c55c.jpg  photo d3d44fec-54dc-4b0a-bbac-9087a20a2c48_zps26d7143b.jpg  photo 9aebb387-f6c0-466c-998d-daf005be8179_zps043d3021.jpg  photo c131722d-dc1a-47cf-8147-f53f8f41d807_zps598494e3.jpg  photo 9069621a-a2ca-4569-a3c3-c789bf6bfb95_zps2db3d514.jpg  photo 07593fa9-2390-4c1b-92c7-b8b19e9c7084_zpsc985c7a8.jpg  photo 60ed4d2f-8414-4bf7-b448-3a77408ff954_zps8c0e7ace.jpg  photo 2506bc18-4526-4f7c-a89b-db10a8451f93_zpsd1b49da7.jpg  photo d48ce17a-45a5-4ac4-adac-30ec38f69e98_zpscfdf7b2a.jpg

During the month of July, they have Waldo of Where's Waldo fame hidden in 25 shops around Leavenworth.
  photo a7fbec34-6da6-4d58-8c41-434e9b9e5670_zps729f5906.jpg

The girls picked up passports at the local book store and began the search, collecting stamps and signatures whenever they found one.

 photo 6876fd7f-acca-4f3b-959f-7ee5ce2b5720_zps151bdb23.jpg  photo 69fc73b4-abb1-45bd-9686-546d57b6cb81_zps7be03148.jpg  photo 59f01477-a78a-4e19-8045-ddd080030377_zpsb8edb97f.jpg  photo 22c2d174-9ef4-40f1-bd00-156c883c649d_zps0a8a48b7.jpg
Such a fun idea, no?

  photo 31a13194-df20-4ea0-b076-9098085e66e3_zps085031c0.jpg  photo b60495a6-0363-49ab-bff9-de9240a6481e_zps6f1553f9.jpg
 photo cca0df83-d84f-4e92-aaeb-73ec0da6c04f_zps96e9e9c3.jpg
[Mid-day tube feeding.]

 photo 66f2738c-6081-4093-a64a-7c55519405bc_zps52e3d720.jpg  photo 1b612a1c-7a16-4530-b9b7-b2ccd34e926d_zps624d3753.jpg
[Behold, 116 flavors of taffy!]
[Too bad I'm not so fond of taffy.]
 photo bca8cff2-6ada-4b5d-8a4d-cdd23506268c_zpsc53512a0.jpg  photo 3d0615fe-ac55-4034-ab53-a67a7625cff9_zps452ceddc.jpg  photo b77d1ae4-4a68-4f42-9a8f-fa8d14a665f9_zps6faed662.jpg  photo 5dd284a6-362a-4db7-b909-c327b45cded3_zps221b5648.jpg
[Every town needs a maypole!]

[It went up and up forevah!]
  photo 3e99aad6-ae6b-40ae-bbbd-c2c4779cfd78_zps0f65eb59.jpg  photo b1e2a4a5-a650-4cd7-a8d6-7b7435f62ad3_zps37583b2e.jpg  photo 4ceefc3e-6a26-480f-a6d8-eea45a7ff73a_zpsd28c58d8.jpg  photo 0ebbd043-3fbf-4996-a431-610edde5a8f6_zps8f159f37.jpg  photo c0809480-9dcd-45b0-8878-e0ec7b3b2620_zpsb7934be3.jpg
 photo 153f8092-b5bb-4675-8534-728c9b75f4e2_zpse4da9a91.jpg
[This picture reminded me of Michelangelo's painting, The Touch.]

  photo 0896728a-3b82-47d0-8fae-496e1191a664_zps2c3a36e7.jpg  photo 34cbe70e-6fd8-4858-b7e0-fa9e76cbcfbc_zpsfa7706ac.jpg

Auf Wiedersehen!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Ponytail on the Queen

Elisabeth's hair is finally long enough to fit into a ponytail.
It's quite becoming on her, I would say.
 photo 946ee184-71ad-4096-9a44-72f0d8311fa8_zps2a6fde10.jpg
[If you look behind Elisabeth's ear you can easily see the outline of her shunt beneath the skin.]

 photo 4dcc3418-40b1-4f85-9adc-3a49c04e481c_zps180e60a4.jpg  photo 37a63c5c-7e82-4e37-bc90-6efbaf4867fc_zps7a6fd8b8.jpg  photo 2aecdfff-b8af-481b-ae67-75668fd8b8c6_zpse854f8a1.jpg

Friday, July 26, 2013

Doctor Sorenson

Welcome to the medical office of Dr. Lorelai Sorenson.

Now accepting new patients.

 photo 1860ea26-afce-4d85-8342-a6d96d7df9e2_zpsf5f57fe9.jpg

Her notebook:  photo 81ea3173-a1c7-4251-83f9-136d642d00de_zps82ca3d2c.jpg

I love how she wrote 'prescriptcion'. The Spanish influence is apparent!

 photo 04db38e4-c12c-4729-b33b-decede39fbdd_zpsb56a9abe.jpg

My favorite is where it says:  

Giraffe - Constapated For 3 years.

How do my girls come up with these things? Ha!

  photo 3e7acefa-0693-4ac1-9195-c1019a8e0d1f_zps44219a33.jpg  photo 0bf50222-7fe8-47d0-a89e-c7632edb4cc5_zps4aa051c9.jpg  photo a975f77d-3bec-46b8-9c62-f404d515fead_zpsb3592723.jpg  photo 23d5de73-0bb4-48f5-b2e9-47e79b64617f_zpsa444776c.jpg  photo 50eff696-ea13-44aa-b79c-aac766336e88_zps0878d141.jpg
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