Monday, September 28, 2015

The Alpine Hat

Who wore it best?

  photo 8fd81197-5c22-4c3f-8b2d-ff55bf6f5d0e_zpsrmm7tul1.jpg  photo ef086e4b-8e5d-42cf-9670-c3cd81caeb8b_zpsg9rehhtt.jpg

Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Day Elisabeth Turned Eight!

The annual birthday crown. photo 20150924_130145_zpsvw36zxcj.jpg

Cupcakes made with love by her big sisters.
 photo 20150924_130029_zpsptq0e14q.jpg

A gift with an 'E'.
 photo 20150924_130135_zpsqi71neqq.jpg

A bucket full of binkies.
   photo 20150924_130344_zpse0uyl0jf.jpg

Let the celebration begin!
  photo 20150924_130102_zpswnvkvu9q.jpg
 photo 20150924_082026_zpsukyvqz03.jpg  photo 20150924_081955_zpsgazasicb.jpg

Opening the gift.
(With a little assistance.)

 photo ee5aa2aa-0bbb-4cd4-8eda-bececc7fe3d0_zps3vb3jipm.jpg  photo 26cad68f-e1e8-4bac-9cbe-43eadafcd339_zpszckajxje.jpg
 photo c5dc4ada-4d22-4f7e-9e1e-5a81c2f1908a_zps5zhk7pwz.jpg

And blowing out the candle.
(Once again, with a little assistance.) 

 photo af507047-40dc-429d-8303-ea8d1f130422_zpsknqsunff.jpg

And that's how a Queen turns 8!

 photo 20150924_082207_zpsw7xdgwqf.jpg 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

It's Elisabeth's Birthday!!!

A peek at 
the calendar, 
the 24th is 
the date.
Why yes, 
oh yes, 
is eight! 
8! photo UY8A0770 copy_zpscimvj7or.jpg  

Happy Birthday, Elisabeth

You are my miracle!

Monday, September 21, 2015

The Return of Aunt Jennifer

After two years away, Aunt Jennifer arrived back in Washington on Saturday night.
It was her first time meeting Elsa:

 photo 20150919_225115-1_zps02yra4v0.jpg

Everyone loves Aunt Jennifer!!!

 photo 20150919_225142_zpsazssxcys.jpg

And naturally, as soon as we got to the house, Jennifer went in and scooped Elisabeth up out of bed!

 photo 20150919_231619_zpssvogttcg.jpg  photo 20150919_231736_zpstz6jupcd.jpg

The next morning, they did some proper snuggling:

 photo 20150920_084036_zpsbhm1wkcp.jpg  photo 20150920_084100_zpsjulmdb8c.jpg

Then off to Badger Mountain for the FINAL prep hike before climbing Mt. St. Helens...
 photo 20150920_095827_zpsmsicr7mz.jpg 


Saturday, September 19, 2015

A Post About...


  photo 20150918_155254_zpsonqz0ori.jpg
 photo 20150918_155203_zpsruiqhx7m.jpg  photo 20150918_155200_zpspogvlmcj.jpg
 photo 20150918_155232_zpsvu8vyjjc.jpg  photo 20150918_155214_zps2xb7lvpk.jpg

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Let There Be Music!

I thrive on order.

Everything neat and tidy.

Everything in its place.

The music parlor, for the past week or so, has been anything but.

There have been...

Instruments laying around.

  photo e9a943c6-26bb-48d1-bafa-92aa410735ce_zpshtm6d4ms.jpg

Piles of records.

  photo c51fbe7a-9369-4e5a-9173-6ef3c7d72d89_zpsut5bacsn.jpg

Stacks of music books on the floor and shoved in a disorderly mess on the shelf.

  photo 3716721e-fb2d-4d27-bb18-9ad163144e6c_zpsmhiuhe1l.jpg  photo 4cb193ab-ec14-4a4d-8ff8-cedbe990a755_zpsnqdkgwfk.jpg

Compositions laying about.

  photo 8024d45d-a8a2-4925-bf4b-3254bede2fcb_zps9c1clpjc.jpg

Xylophone keys and my hiking hat strewn onto the organ bench (and floor).

  photo 7c71fbcd-864a-4340-afb9-5f19376af019_zpswdmbbfvh.jpg

It is the kind of disorder that I hate. The kind of thing that drives me nuts.


But for some crazy reason, when I went in to tidy it yesterday, I actually sort of liked it.

Not the disorder necessarily, but the evidence that this was a room that was used. Music is being made in here. My children come here and write songs, practice instruments, listen to records. In a world that is so focused on electronics, it is rather refreshing, I'd say.

 photo 4fab77dd-d6ca-4180-b4ea-ae12a59d1644_zps37jy6ltm.jpg 

Let there be music!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


 photo IMG_20150913_163520_zpsrhbf5exm.jpg

I've noticed a trend lately, people posting pictures of their children and using hashtags like,




And when I read those hashtags or other like-minded ones I think,  

'What? Why would you want that?" 

I love sitting in a moment - like the one pictured above - and soaking it right up, thinking, 'This is life right here and right now,' but I would never want to stay in it forever...the journey is too fun! Watching my children grow and discover who they are and what they are capable of is extremely rewarding. Indeed, it's the best part of parenting.

The childhood years are quickly slipping away. I thought I would mourn the loss, but on the contrary, I find myself simply grateful to witness it and ever so excited to see what the future holds.

So I say...



Tuesday, September 15, 2015

When Big Sister Gets Home From the Gym...

Monday's are long for Lorelai. She goes to school early and then to the gym after school until 8 pm. By the time she gets home she is exhausted, and rightfully so. But despite the exhaustion, I watched last night as she went straight in to see Elisabeth who was asleep in bed.

As she snuggled in close and whispered sweet things to her sister, Elisabeth stirred...

 photo 0dbf7ec4-76ee-436f-acda-8b11415682f8_zpszzuifykm.jpg   photo 59452f94-3c36-40f0-a0c1-197252ede08c_zpsvi2lhcv2.jpg

Then she turned towards Lorelai...

 photo 8bbbaae8-142e-4539-99b4-7cec7410899c_zpsl5qbdwpy.jpg

And gently lifted her hand and rested it on Lorelai's face.

 photo 2e791825-f902-48e8-bd4c-e01df2b0f723_zpsvvwyrosi.jpg

And then my heart melted.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

The First Day ~ 2015


I present to you...

Elisabeth Elva
~2nd grade~

 photo c8554dab-204b-4682-8bcc-ee472c20c24f_zpsqyif5npl.jpg  photo 366c4299-0ab9-48b0-9fa3-6376c997b3df_zpsx60hmdnm.jpg  photo 37c8ae6c-efd4-488f-badc-f8eba233b1e0_zpskvdwkoaj.jpg  photo 799eb9eb-a4e5-4300-83ed-b22e516e9da4_zpsbgax57xj.jpg

Elsa Lelise
~ 2nd Grade

 photo c762c82f-96fb-41d3-a464-fa6c95fcb31e_zpsqkygvnbs.jpg  photo 31841c91-9587-4273-baae-99d9853c086c_zpsx6lo70ie.jpg photo ad0624ae-54b3-4973-867d-9e2c39653bf2_zps94ce8lx5.jpg photo 9fd5ed59-1879-4759-bebf-f271f11cd429_zpshbt6hdji.jpg 

Lorelai Leigh
~ 5th grade ~
 photo 20150901_073216_zpsse8nanwa.jpg
 photo 20150901_073310_zpsiqs1vtfa.jpg 
 photo 20150901_073318_zpsfpzuatmz.jpg photo 20150901_073221_zpstyyx82as.jpg
 photo 20150901_073326_zpsvzbxje8h.jpg 

Alexandra Louise
~ 7th grade ~

 photo 20150901_072630_zps9bwc7dj8.jpg photo 20150901_072700_zps4ww2x0qw.jpg   photo 20150901_072654_zpsjic6kapq.jpg  photo 20150901_072714_zpsj8fl3onf.jpg

~ My four daughters

 photo 20150901_073452_zpsqpyand9o.jpg 
Study hard, girls. 
The world awaits you!

  photo 3f53fe5e-c0e4-45db-8fe5-d70cf132e52c_zps1vqey5iv.jpg
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