Monday, May 2, 2016

Nine Years a Miracle

Last week, on April 24th, it marked nine years since that day of the ultrasound.

  photo 20160424_131504_zpswh7mc1sp.jpg  photo 20160424_131549_zpsycadprfv.jpg  photo 20160424_131546_zpso6be39vb.jpg  photo 20160424_131502_zpssp6um876.jpg 

That was the hardest day of my life, yet it was the beginning of the richest and most joyous experience I have ever had. Life isn't meant to be easy. Mine isn't; ours isn't. But through trials and hardships we gain strength and happiness and wisdom that cannot be acquired any other way.

My life changed that day, and I am so, so glad it did.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Elsa's 9th Birthday!

Elsa Lelise, age 9.

  photo 20160428_065109_zpsac7vnguf.jpg

We went with a Hawaiian theme for Elsa's birthday and so it was lei's and pineapples all around!

  photo 20160428_065226_zpsmde58i6r.jpg  photo 20160428_065214_zpsgaur9wgy.jpg
  photo 20160428_065205_zpsdqrndvf7.jpg

It was a busy, busy day - as is the norm in our household. We were all off to school and work bright and early but gathered at home at 4:00 to watch Elsa open her gifts. We then went to an early dinner at Costa Vida before separating out to a rehearsal, track practice, and a mallet showcase.

  photo bacbe2de-fd75-499e-9783-b5947eaba361_zpsvvdkhbid.jpg   photo 20160428_155716_zps3uzyg0vq.jpg  photo 20160428_155741_zps89snh9k1.jpg

By the time we all were home again it was 8:45 in the evening. We sang happy birthday to our favorite Ethiopian and watched as she blew out her candles and made a wish.

  photo 9e09b966-7a71-420b-b730-76c9b7ac5f1d_zpsmvicbn8u.jpg

For Elsa's 9th birthday she received:
  • Sheets
  • Comforter
  • Four Outfits
  • Nailpolish
  • Floor Rug
  • Lamp
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