Monday, July 27, 2015

A Homecoming and A Farewell

A few weeks ago I traveled to Utah with Alexandra and Elisabeth. My oldest nephew, Matthew had just returned from serving a mission in Texas on July 1st, and his younger brother, Jacob, left to serve a mission in Argentina on July 15th.

It was a special occasion to be there with their family and I am SO incredibly proud of my nephews.

Both Matthew and Jacob spoke at church and following the service my sister hosted a delicious brunch at her home. The color theme was yellow and blue to represent the Argentinian flag.

 photo 7611bdac-4297-400f-8c69-1cb0c228aa08_zpsr3juqpyq.jpg  photo 07a79811-bc89-40f9-b456-ea57b487165d_zps7aaajkpi.jpg  photo 401e61bb-f927-4267-822c-8589f51dc738_zpso5vqlluq.jpg  photo 8ea82e14-78d1-44f5-bfd5-e23452f75eb5_zpsljddsq1k.jpg  photo ef2642e7-7b1f-4ca9-82f7-1c00dd15e0bd_zpsrmrdnwfc.jpg  photo 4d749554-9e6c-4352-ba08-d353ae60ab14_zpspfrnoizk.jpg  photo 03d2dbf6-e736-4252-be89-82e60c02f032_zpsegfulrzi.jpg  photo 38cff3cf-6d69-438f-a28f-31f91f710de6_zpsuqd2txxz.jpg  photo bcfc62fa-8083-4148-a19f-488b9f7d8c8d_zps9fhohrie.jpg

Alexandra enjoyed having all her cousins to herself while Elsa and Lorelai were in Portland competing in a regional track meet.

 photo f57b8d2a-da1c-4db8-bbe7-4536da296652_zpsq4kvn88w.jpg
Left to right...Alexandra, Ben, Katya, Jacob, Matthew, Peter, and Daria.

I loved being in Salt Lake City. The weather was divine, the mountains majestic. It is simply spectacular there!

 photo d68663c7-72d9-4f71-80ce-d5fde3f09001_zpss0ojbjk2.jpg  photo c615bda7-ab2a-41b2-9743-d5411c8715b2_zpsgugyqrhw.jpg  photo 8d300e69-da69-4e4e-9efe-2d9cdfda7f6c_zpsz53nrmth.jpg  photo 971705cd-56f2-4510-80c9-90211e2b922b_zpsowid4e5s.jpg

I love to see the temple.

 photo e38e54b2-4f31-443e-81d7-25a66002f4b0_zps6ddk97is.jpg  photo 75bc7298-a6b6-432a-bf9f-1e43ec9710ad_zpsfyy39jki.jpg

Thursday, July 23, 2015

I Choose to Thrive

Mankind is meant to be great. We are meant to grow and learn and achieve. We are meant to push boundaries and make discoveries. We are meant to develop talents. We are meant to help and serve one another.

I believe that we each have unlimited potential within us.

And that is why I take Thrive.

Thrive fills in the nutritional gaps so that my body and mind can function optimally. With Thrive I achieve mental clarity and physical well being. 

I can climb mountains.

I can perform symphonies.

And, most importantly, I can be what Elisabeth needs me to be: her caretaker, her protector, her nurturer.

I am not who I am because of Thrive, but rather I can be who I am meant to be because of Thrive.

 photo 0d4ece44-e501-4b12-89c2-f8cb3bd9d440_zpsiyt3sd9a.jpg

This is a product I believe in and I invite you to visit the website, read what it has to offer, and set up a free account. 

I strongly recommend that you try The Thrive Experience - an 8 week premium lifestyle plan created to help you achieve peak physical and mental levels - I did, and I never looked back.

If you have any further questions, please email me, I'd love to answer them! 
You can contact me at

Be great.
Be you.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Tiny Miracle

Once upon a time, some eight years ago, I looked at this picture and mourned:

 photo e42aaf67-13d2-4acd-9db7-fb9ca796cfbf_zpsxbqy80qp.jpg

I mourned for the child I had envisioned but would not know.

Life had given me lemons, I thought.

But as it turned out, life hadn't given me lemons at all, 
but rather the sweetest glass of lemonade ever to be. 
(So to speak)

 photo edbdec76-2ea8-43bc-aba0-8fd3a72f94cd_zps1j6oyymd.jpg  photo 68875288-149d-44d6-af45-b4a74888a441_zps2kezxkip.jpg  photo a10c4b1f-ecd3-4c83-a58e-3c5f9c2ca5b1_zpsmmtkcsjf.jpg  photo bdfb27bc-44e6-49f7-8568-55a62b91db37_zpsu6j7ogcr.jpg  photo 21472e23-3f6e-442e-bcbf-3d4952f9a01d_zpsq2mghchi.jpg  photo 90845286-8778-4c1f-b8e6-9dd97a640129_zps0uhnj4pg.jpg 

Be joyful in life, for it is beautiful and good.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Elsa's Baptism

On the morning of 4th of July, Elsa Lelise Christine was baptized and became a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Elsa has been learning about the gospel of Jesus Christ since she moved here a year and a half ago and was so excited to make this choice.

 photo 67741929-640f-431f-a749-fe718154d434_zps3mcf09gv.jpg
[Elsa was baptized wearing the same dress I wore, as well as both of my sisters, Alexandra, and Lorelai.]

I am so proud of Elsa. She truly is Christlike - she is kind, charitable, forgiving, and compassionate.

Following the baptism, we hosted a luncheon at our home.

 photo 8f06e7fd-2366-4702-a8ce-95758d52a0b3_zpsbhidowe4.jpg  photo 3abd399e-1b6d-4a26-bb2a-b919acf89220_zps6ggijhuh.jpg  photo fba69df1-bae1-4779-84ea-810f783dee05_zpsjtwy42xa.jpg  photo 8a862e77-3051-43cc-bba4-8326696d61e5_zpsltdkxouc.jpg  photo 41d42ca3-7391-457c-aac5-cbd816213b58_zpslfmt7yz2.jpg

My friend and neighbor, Esther, made Elsa a cupcake dress in honor of the day.

 photo df1644a2-84af-42a4-91b7-eca81771411c_zpsm3m0x7t8.jpg

Spectacular, no?

 photo 142dfcb0-5938-4b96-899b-16cd9a09d96a_zpsow6adbi9.jpg

And some gifts for the girl of honor...

 photo ec4ff854-01cf-43e1-b590-ad0943a6f71a_zpsmz5scinx.jpg
 photo 116d0607-5a6c-4b34-b476-899ef99846db_zpsmfs0idka.jpg  photo 05ea4dfd-4a0e-4a3b-918e-30fb469aab98_zpsc8qx0tmi.jpg   
Elsa, admiring her very own set of scriptures. 
She especially loved how her name was engraved on the cover.

 photo 1a03c70b-b203-48dd-8e06-fd2da8b003e6_zps3gc1xxzm.jpg

Matthew 3:16 And Jesus, when he was baptized, went up straightway out of the water: and, lo, the heavens were opened unto him, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove, and lighting upon him

Saturday, July 18, 2015

How To Feed Your Child While They Sleep: A Tutorial

It's breakfast time but your sweet little one is still sound asleep. The beauty and brilliance of a g-tube is that you can feed your child without waking them. I honestly feel that g-tubes are one of the greatest inventions of all time.

To start, make a nutritious meal. I change things up for Elisabeth, making her different things on different days - just like you would for any other child.

Today I cooked her some oatmeal:

 photo 4148e06c-450e-4c1d-942b-9358756762e4_zpsjpnr0ruq.jpg

Then I put it in the blender with a banana, whole milk, and a heaping spoonful of peanut butter:

 photo 36eae3e5-1bbf-4902-89e0-ded852b7b8ef_zpsqjo7o6qd.jpg


 photo 33e5d7a5-2eae-4123-848b-a33931fbef6b_zps8ddu6uro.jpg

Now that the meal is prepared, pour the desired amount into a measuring cup and prime the tube with water:

 photo 1bbb6e22-9dd8-44dc-9432-935a42adcd8f_zpssrf1ksgl.jpg

Next, quietly - oh, so quietly - tiptoe into the bedroom of the slumbering angel...

 photo 63c7a503-1b29-4c7b-a2d3-835d43fbbbbf_zpslpktquar.jpg

Gently, lift shirt to expose g-tube button and open cap.

 photo a958bdb9-bf76-495c-a097-601ef2414ce7_zpscxyqowkt.jpg

Attach tube to button and pour in the prepared meal. Unlatch the tube and let gravity pull the food into the stomach. Keep pouring until all food is safely in the tummy.

 photo b28860cb-7706-4936-af90-01b2a07495b8_zpsz3dgqbfb.jpg  photo a439e3c3-2b4d-4880-a7ed-74d8c7a9ed9c_zpsoqz9xicz.jpg

Twist tube to detach and close the button cap.

 photo 16c08f8b-f196-43bf-b8e7-178a8820111b_zpsg6zyokdf.jpg

Finally, pull the covers back up, kiss your baby on the head, and quietly tip toe back out the way you came.

 photo 88aed3c7-6a1c-4dc9-a419-ba7039f0cbcf_zpse3l8prtn.jpg 

Breakfast has been served.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Elisabeth the Wiggle Worm

When I left the room Elisabeth was laying on the center of the rainbow rug.
So imagine my surprise when I returned and found her clear across the room!

  photo 18ce7f01-191e-482c-ad99-d3148881adc2_zpsqqpwjn7t.jpg  photo 4d9aff95-0562-49d8-9b71-32b1db4e2f6b_zpsjtyaryzr.jpg 

It must have taken a whole lot of sitting up, falling down, and wiggling around to make it that far.

No wonder a little while later she looked like this:

 photo 5ae67153-5630-4468-b958-a7490339ddd0_zpsouc1cmml.jpg


  photo 0fad4ccd-532e-4170-83a2-54937fb2331d_zpsdsv0ymm5.jpg 

Never fear, after I took these pictures I promptly put a big bean bag chair alongside the couch in case she woke up and got to wiggling again!

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