Thursday, June 27, 2013

We've Been Flocked!

Last night we were 'flocked'. 

A slew of flamingos appeared in our front yard. 

Ha ha! Classic!!

  photo de64c339-097c-4f1e-a3ab-533c77ea6316_zpsc45256a6.jpg  photo 1ce49f5f-2a0d-484c-b9e8-3ebda229306c_zps009ed94b.jpg  photo d7d92297-d726-4e34-839a-075261f7d005_zpsfac26906.jpg  photo 02f5a7fe-f87d-42ae-9e52-3c6563c7f470_zps159164d9.jpg 

To whoever it was that 'flocked' us....thank you! 

What a fun surprise! 

Now Alexandra and Lorelai are convinced that we must always have flamingos in the front yard...

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

"It was a long time ago..."

I started a new book yesterday.

You see, I have been craving a good book. Lately, I have struggled to find one that I connect with. Truth be told, I abandoned two out of the last three books I started due to lack of interest. And the book I finished two nights ago wasn't much better. But I forced myself to finish it.

I couldn't help but reflect back on the book that I love most, The Giver. The way each word speaks to me; connects with me. I wanted another book like that. I wanted that experience again.

I went to my bookcase and pulled from the shelf a book titled, Autumn Street. It's written by Lois Lowry, who also authored, The Giver. My mother-in-law loaned me Autumn Street months and months ago but I hadn't gotten around to reading it. Perhaps, I thought, this would be a book that would capture my attention; a story that would suck me in. Oh, how I have craved that!

I opened to the first page and read this:

"It was a long time ago.

     Though it seems, sometimes, that most things that matter happened a long time ago, that is not really true. What is true is this: by the time you realize how much something mattered, time has passed; by the time it stops hurting enough that you can tell about it, first to yourself, and finally to someone else, more time has passed; then, when you sit down to begin the telling, you have to begin this way: 

   It was a long time ago."

I read and re-read that first page. Over and over again. It was beautiful.

I think I found what I've been looking for.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Africa, Here We Come!

 photo b28dcc1c-bd65-446b-ae5c-499ff2b481a6_zps9ef9f9d5.jpg
[Friendship necklaces for Alexandra and Lorelai to share with their new little sister. 
(No worries, Elisabeth doesn't feel left out. She isn't really into jewelry).]

News! We have news!

In roughly three weeks we will be on our way to Ethiopia to attend a court hearing where our 'new little one' will officially become our 'new little one'.

It seems surreal.

So surreal.


I am going to Africa... meet my daughter.

 I'm so excited!

What I'm not so excited about is the airfare to get us to Africa. Prices have sky-rocketed. A round trip ticket from Seattle to Ethiopia is now running about $2700 - each. Yikes. And we have to go twice. First for our court hearing. And then a few months later to bring 'Little E' home.

We have a few fundraisers in the works to help raise travel funds.

First, we will be hosting a summer concert this Saturday night in our backyard. It will feature classical guitarist, Mike Edmondson - who plays absolutely brilliantly! Admission is free, but we will gladly accept donations towards our adoption fund! (Refreshments will be provided!) Thank you, Mike, for donating your time and talent to put on this event!

Second, Yoga Hut will once again be teaching Yoga in the Park this Sunday morning at 10:00. All proceeds will be donated to our adoption fund! If you are interested, grab your yoga mat and meet at the stage at Howard Amon Park in Richland, WA. Thank you, Yoga Hut!

Finally, If you can't attend our evening guitar concert...and if you can't make it to yoga at the park...but would still like to donate, just click here. Donald and I are amazed and humbled at the generous donations that have been made to help us bring our little girl home. Thank you so very much!!! You are all simply wonderful!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Operation: Clean up!

Down near the river there is a little duck pond. 

Every so often we take a loaf of bread and go feed the birds.

Yesterday, there was an abundance of debris in the pond. 

Old bread bags, mostly.

The Eagle Scout in Donald couldn't bear such a sight. 

For the next hour, he and the girls worked with long branches to drag every last bag out of the water.

  photo 4701a97d-cea7-4429-a967-6561eab0025a_zpsf2cf664c.jpg  photo bc4e5b66-72fa-4911-b6ab-cadeb664f8d3_zpscffc9feb.jpg  photo 6909a99b-0812-4a27-a6e6-718458e1f6cd_zps4d9e9003.jpg  photo c0685d8a-e2b5-4419-9eb1-e703679c1067_zps322182f7.jpg  photo 77d610dc-1b72-43e8-9779-3f681b20d40f_zpsed5ceaff.jpg  photo 1b847e28-db91-4765-bc5b-495fdfe5fb2c_zpsf517754f.jpg 

It feels good to clean up!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Photo of the Week

 photo 8710a520-2c84-4251-92f7-2b181e07c81b_zpsba1db3d6.jpg 

Lorelai Leigh, comforting Elisabeth Elva after a seizure.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Saturday Poem

Yourself To Blame
Mayme White Miller

If things go bad for you
And make you a bit ashamed
Often you will find out that
You have yourself to blame.

Swiftly we ran to mischief
And then the bad luck came
Why do we fault others?
We have ourselves to blame.

Whatever happens to us,
Here is what we say
"Had it not been for so-and-so
Things wouldn't have gone that way."

And if you are short of friends, 
I'll tell you what to do
Make an examination,
You'll find the faults in you...

You're the captain of your ship,
So agree with the same
If you travel downward
You have yourself to blame.

This is what our girls have to recite when they start complaining, 
finding fault, and feeling that life's 'not fair'.

Sometimes I recite it to myself, too.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Our Visitor From Spain!

 photo 2bd1d37d-9018-4650-9f6f-3827dd336fe5_zps3899b749.jpg 

Do you read The Adventures Archive? 

 If so, good job! 
If not, hop on over 

Anyways, The Adventure Archives is authored by Nuria, who I am quite sure I would be best friends with if I lived in Madrid.  Nuria and her children have decided to send Al (a bunny-angel-superhero) on an international adventure. He will travel the globe and spend time learning, playing, and exploring. We are excited that his first stop is here at the Sorenson home! We will be sure to include him in our daily outings and activities - stay tuned for pics!

 photo 075305d8-9d7c-4844-986a-b53176fe80a1_zps6ca13aa7.jpg 
Al arrived with his favorite book, a toothbrush, and a little container of cereal to feed him.

Al, enjoying a little ride on our giraffe! 

And a happy, 
happy birthday 
to my Mom!!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

When You Can't Do Handstands, You... the splits!

 photo 12b58abd-be84-4734-98db-05efd6e42cca_zpscdd5e9fd.jpg

A miniseries featuring Lorelai Leigh and her injured arm.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Golden Girl

Yesterday morning, I walked into my room...
and lo and behold... 
 I found Alexandra painting Elisabeth's nails while she slept! 

 photo f8b8e826-8847-4f0c-bbde-613f95b7804d_zps3425e76b.jpg  photo b8fa6ff9-9387-47be-8ed6-6f4d36fefff4_zps9096f737.jpg  photo 49f11215-af04-4200-9f82-2eace64ee76e_zps448367d7.jpg 

Fortunately, Elisabeth kept sleeping long enough for them to dry. 
Gold is quite the color on her!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Meet Brigitta

We adopted a little puppy this weekend.

Her name is Brigitta.

 photo 59b18bce-5933-43f8-98e5-9f2baa4db77a_zpsc2191c47.jpg  

She is calm, house broken, and fits into Amercian Girl Doll clothes 
(which we have an abundance of). 

Pretty much she's perfect.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day 2013

 photo e5fef15f-ebcb-4894-af58-0d758bf4ee2c_zps23df1f23.jpg 

Happy Father's Day, Donald! 

Our daughters are blessed to have you as a dad!

Friday, June 14, 2013

When You Can't Do Handstands, You... 

  photo 4259f843-71bc-464d-a08a-2f2c7e68618a_zpsc8d929fb.jpg 

A new miniseries featuring Lorelai Leigh and her injured arm. 

Stay tuned for more...

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Why Did Elisabeth Cross the Road?

To get to the E.R.! 

 photo 3a96b82b-6d54-4d02-8e78-16a5ba090879_zps29335ccd.jpg 
[A picture from Tuesday's visit]
Last week a brand new Emergency Room opened in my town. And it's just minutes from my house. This is big news - exciting news - for a family like ours that frequents ER's. I mean, I've already been there each of the last three days. One doctor joked that we need a punch card. I think that's a dandy idea. 

Anyways, aside from the fact that it's close to my home and brand new, I am excited because the ER is directly across the street from Elisabeth's elementary school. How perfect, right?! 

Yesterday afternoon, Elisabeth's school nurse called to discuss items pertaining to her health plan for next year. At one point in the conversation I mentioned the new ER, 

"It's so wonderful! If you need to, you can just run her across the street!" 

"Oh, no, we couldn't do that, we would have to call an ambulance to take her." 

Say what?! 

I then proceeded to tell her all the reasons why I thought that was ridiculous. I have a child who stops breathing during seizures. That child has seizures all day long. You're telling me that they would just sit around and wait for an ambulance to load her in and drive out of one parking lot and into another? The nurse insisted that's the way it is. She then suggested that I talk to the ER about making a specialized plan for Elisabeth (since I was on my way there anyways) (three times this week, remember?).

So I went to the ER with Elisabeth (she was having trouble with a sky-high white blood count), and I brought up the topic of the elementary school. Unfortunately, they said that the school was right. An ambulance would have to bring her over for fear something might happen as they crossed the street. 


Sometimes rules and regulations completely get in the way of common sense.
 photo 3d6b8812-b475-4e3f-9ba3-73673832091c_zpsfa3e8259.jpg 

[Elisabeth and I, snuggling after arriving home from the ER. 
Hopefully we are done there for the week. Fingers crossed.]

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Ballet Recital

In Spring of 2002 I was pregnant with Alexandra. The day of the ultrasound was met with great excitement and anticipation. I distinctly remember thinking, "This day is going to tell me what the future holds, baseball games or ballet recitals." 

I was told I was having a little girl. prediction was right, ballet recitals were in our future. 

  photo 10c7e71e-a804-42dd-ae4e-26bdb412efb0_zpse588a1dd.jpg  photo 108d903d-4ed9-4f81-bfc2-37aab10c243c_zps9fbe07e3.jpg  photo ce7f096f-47aa-4429-a414-b9a0260f41d4_zps1639c808.jpg 
[Alexandra Louise, June 8, 2013]

 photo 86235df2-547b-4cdb-8508-03bf5f979aaa_zpse65d31b7.jpg photo 0eba41d0-132f-4023-a7df-3fc139fc79a2_zpse3858901.jpg  photo 7b248460-93f7-4e9a-a5b5-ac38073a67f2_zpse6cca6c1.jpg 
 Oh, how I love watching her grow and learn!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bummer Summer

Yesterday we had big plans

The first day of the first week of summer vacation was going to be spent at the water park, soaking in the sunshine and splashing in the water

Unfortunately, we never made it to the water park. 

At about 10:30 Lorelai was busy doing flips (that's all she ever does). That's when I heard it, 'I think I broke my arm!'. I turned and looked as she walked towards me. I started screaming. Literally. I can handle seizures. I can handle brain injuries and brain surgery. I cannot handle arms that look like they are all bent in the wrong direction.

 photo e627c5a8-a179-4954-b9d8-fa58cf06f7d3_zps08a58162.jpg  photo 4fd289bf-3d7b-46f3-b8d8-4c3bbc4c5859_zps05bd990c.jpg  photo 8558bab5-793b-4d86-abb7-8c99a34d1072_zps3d45932d.jpg  photo 9241d14e-218c-4ec3-a367-142d1bcf9a2b_zps798a4aa5.jpg  photo ee73a92e-be2f-4941-920c-134172cb56ab_zps81e1857b.jpg  photo 82b9edad-693a-4996-9e48-7692703e08b2_zpse15d9746.jpg 

Fortunately, it was not broken, just dislocated. However, Lorelai still shed a lot of tears yesterday. First when she found out that she can't do gymnastics for two months. And then again when she learned that she has to leave her splint on for a month and isn't allowed to swim. That's harsh news for an athletic 8-year-old to get on the first day of the first week of summer vacation. 

Looks like handstands on the beam will have to wait...

 photo 2c532f62-4851-4d80-b296-5fa603eabd31_zpsd3d7d7f9.jpg

Monday, June 10, 2013


After school let out on Thursday we packed up the van and headed to a nearby campground. We stayed close to home in case Elisabeth needed care. But...her first campout was a success! She loved it!

 photo e9f858c9-7151-4699-b79e-0dc101e144c4_zps75de2224.jpg  photo 368d3d62-787e-44b6-873f-61e013a0e627_zpse01bdde7.jpg  photo 5bffc523-9906-437e-bf8c-ec268a952180_zps4960cdcd.jpg

  photo 204fd1a9-729e-4f67-a07c-8cb50d4cba9a_zps85d35805.jpg  photo a260f77a-38c2-4acf-ac94-03c029036f8e_zps1e7868fd.jpg  photo 02e73d32-2227-45e4-940e-0b0a155f2178_zps0456ddd8.jpg  photo 01f84cd6-a419-4171-8612-d70c5953fd2c_zps9135b0a8.jpg
I went to peek at Elisabeth through the top of the tent and found her all curled up.

 photo 39a95ec3-7a1b-424f-9d0a-dc45215e8a4f_zpsd6c973e1.jpg 

  photo 6162f26c-a73c-4253-b720-66c2d3ac3241_zps6f249550.jpg  photo 275bdcfc-7247-4d1f-9f9a-3056f82d2c44_zps17154d2c.jpg
Hash browns for breakfast.

 photo 60fa019e-25b6-4100-9379-aebfa7d4f190_zpse663adb7.jpg
This little girl is adored by her big sister.

 photo e923bafb-0e40-4e61-80a7-7e01ccc77b25_zps75af2319.jpg
Scarlett doubles as a footrest.

 photo 49dc1db1-8dbd-4621-b588-4c2e474a36f1_zps9ee611f5.jpg   photo 1fa7209b-48c5-4861-bb9f-cb14716ac607_zps7b7e0c9e.jpg  photo 11660ab7-a824-4f54-aa4b-109df0ad2b53_zps1e68b4e9.jpg  photo ebaea5e2-96d3-4d9f-a019-263e4063b3f0_zps8405e04c.jpg 

It's Monday. 
It feels like Summer break officially starts today! 
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