Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving Day 2015

My life is everything I dreamed it would be... 
...and many things I never dreamed it could be.

  photo IMG_20151126_104849_zps5pryzdre.jpg
[Candles burning in my home, Thanksgiving Day, 2015.]

I dreamed of a beautiful home where my family would be safe and happy. I dreamed of being married and raising children with my husband. I dreamed of playing my violin for audiences. I dreamed of filling my home with books and creating an atmosphere of learning and imagination. I dreamed of traveling to far off lands and exploring the world. All of these things, by chance, as well as by determination, have become my reality. 

I did not dream I would adopt a child from across the globe. I did not dream that I would have the unique parenting experience of raising a child like Elisabeth. I did not dream I would climb mountains. But these things, too, have become my reality - and, oh, how lucky I feel! 

I have been blessed with the most amazing experiences and each day I feel immense gratitude that this is my life

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

My Climb Up Mt. St. Helens

Part 1: Why I did it.

Last March I began hiking a local hill named Badger Mountain. I found myself going up three, four, five times a week, addicted to the victorious feeling I got each time I reached the top.

One day, as I was getting ready to go hiking, I gave Elisabeth a hug and said, "Elisabeth, I couldn't take you even if I wanted to," knowing that the task of carrying her crippled body up the hill would be near impossible. Then I thought to myself, what if I had to? That's when I vowed to become strong, to work unceasingly towards improving myself so that I can always be whatever Elisabeth needs me to be.

Indeed, I decided that day that I would climb mountains for her.

 photo 20150912_131543_zpsxbzh5nsp.jpg  photo 20150912_132448_zpsvz1pnhzg.jpg

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Mary Poppins

Opening Night is in  
8 days!!!

  photo IMG_20151010_102536_zpswfs49rh3.jpg

Donald snapped the photo above while they were doing a promotional photo shoot...I am in love with it. Each actor looks the part...and the costumes and setting are...practically perfect!

Alexandra has been busy with an intense rehearsal schedule. The role of Jane Banks is large: she is in just about every scene, has multiple costume changes, 150 some-odd lines, and a long list of songs to sing. But she has risen to the occasion - as I knew she would. Alexandra has been a star since the day she was born.

Last night was the first rehearsal with costumes and I snapped the following pictures before the rehearsal began:
  photo 20151104_180040_zps6noxcmal.jpg 
Alexandra's costume rack with all of Jane's outfits.  photo 20151104_182520_zpsasdia3s9.jpg 
Alexandra and Sydnee chatting on stage before rehearsal.  photo IMG-1446690497785-V_zpsrq5jksqt.jpg 
Jane and Michael Banks. And a tattered up kite. :)  photo 20151104_183202_zpss9p6qybg.jpg 
This one made me laugh...seeing Lex lounging on the prop furniture...still waiting for rehearsal to get going (with Bert walking in front and Winifred behind). 

And one picture from rehearsal:
 photo 20151104_184131_zpse4irmm0j.jpg 
In this shot Alexandra is singing 'The Perfect Nanny'
"She must be kind she must be witty..."

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Lorelai's Birthday Review!

The day she turned 11... photo 20151019_154655_zps9nt5b2vz.jpg  photo 20151019_154754_zpssj8zhi9j.jpg  photo 20151019_154627_zpshq4w0e2o.jpg

Gifts and decorations full of color and fun.  photo 20151019_154703_zpsymuu03l3.jpg photo 20151019_154640_zpscgics97e.jpg  photo 20151019_154623_zpsjwpberta.jpg  photo 20151019_154615_zpskbgw4ym5.jpg

The opening of gifts...

 photo b40d0f11-ea5f-4a12-b5fe-ca8e57feeb16_zpsthqmwn5l.jpg  photo 4c0f0d8c-a29c-4f76-a113-21363fffd729_zps6jmzkuwo.jpg  photo 9e13d1fc-f3fb-46bd-bc91-f3eeed67b90a_zpsysat8qeb.jpg  photo 43c8ddc8-24a0-4e66-bb9f-2b2c233204b4_zpsgnmbmx3v.jpg

Presents included:

~ Fitbit
~ Bubble gum
~ Shoes 
~ Clothes
~ DVD of Grace Stirs up Success
~ Racoon mug
~ Coloring book and colored pencils 

The cake...  photo 20151019_154922_zpsnkhun0lo.jpg  photo 20151019_203130_zpsyjiehxi2.jpg  photo 20151019_203153_zpssiqxubua.jpg

Make a Wish!!!!

  photo IMG_20151019_160527_zpsex1hm7qq.jpg

And that's how you turn 11!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween 2015


Elisabeth Elva  
as a

 photo 20151031_160209_zpsnjv1hm0p.jpg

Elsa Lelise 

 photo 20151031_155729_zps0mjefm3s.jpg

Lorelai Leigh  
as a

 photo 20151031_160404_zps0obapjmg.jpg


Alexandra Louise 
Katniss Everdeen.

 photo 20151031_160500_zpsr7c8e0lj.jpg

My four 

  photo 20151031_160001_zps3fvhzoaw.jpg
 photo 20151031_175353_zps0u7jftva.jpg   photo 20151031_175416_zpskr3jzq7r.jpg  photo 20151031_175403_zpsjjailmhn.jpg  photo 20151031_175410_zpshdhxtopw.jpg   photo 20151031_175746_zpszwcokc1u.jpg

Trick - or - Treat!!!  photo 20151031_175840_zpsheflnls9.jpg

Off they go...
  photo 20151031_175854_zpsjxhmlp0n.jpg

That's a wrap!

 photo 20151031_160359_zpsh53hsbxr.jpg
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