Friday, May 31, 2013


We're just adding little pops of color all over the place these days.

 photo d5388ef2-59c3-4b00-a819-04485febcf00_zpsd89b7be9.jpg  photo 4bfa40bc-34eb-4bc6-bbc1-b08f33edccba_zps16173822.jpg  photo 9fad974d-1c73-457b-b34f-9bf23158fd9e_zps5ad1172f.jpg

It's just what the backyard needed, don't you think?

Thursday, May 30, 2013

We Snuggle

Yesterday while Elisabeth was at school I sat down to fill out a pile of Kindergarten registration forms. In the packet there was a sheet entitled, 'Tell Us About Your Kindergartener', filled with all sorts of questions about her likes, dislikes, sleeping habits, etc.

My favorite question was this:

When I am with my child we usually: ____________

My instant answer: snuggle.

  photo ddca67b6-9776-4de5-8427-5aa185395f2d_zpsbd8f4c41.jpg

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Coat of Blue

The step-stool on my front porch was in need of a makeover.

And the front porch was in need of a little color.

 photo d7620f55-35cb-4749-8e9a-3b91ad30a583_zps3691bc1e.jpg 

A can of blue paint did the trick. 

 photo 73d2cc1d-cd98-4ea5-b08a-d48343f18c64_zpsb0ffd525.jpg  photo b683623a-6461-4d76-b12f-b3801f3279bf_zpsafe1d579.jpg  photo 054806ac-a387-4816-89af-c8c13301d8db_zps344aa8cf.jpg

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Another Lost Tooth!

Two teeth in 48 hours!

Luckily...we found the second one laying in her lap!

(the first one was never recovered...)

 photo 6c69c0fd-3970-4eff-b38e-791d3e051221_zpsd27aa775.jpg  photo 1a24e54b-b0bb-4d80-85b8-8125cf91b6d5_zpsc7945b36.jpg 

Her grin is growing more toothless by the day!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Classic Childhood

My girls always seem to have a current fave; something that captures their attention as well as all of their free time. One week it might be American Girl dolls, the next it might be writing plays. There's always something. 

This week it's the dogs. 

Every spare moment is being spent in the backyard teaching them different tricks or pretending to ride them like horses. 

 photo da1abf35-5753-492d-aea3-395529c72d42_zpscba9e293.jpg 
[This has to be one of my favorite pictures of all time. Everything from Lorelai's rain boots, to the polka dot coat, to the toy in Emily's mouth, to the smile on Alexandra's face. It's all perfect. Classic childhood, I would say.]

Good thing we have Labradors. 
They're quite agreeable!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Elisabeth Lost Her First Tooth!!!

"I did it! I pulled out my tooth!!"

  photo 1c2d77e2-07d4-48a7-8287-b4c82c00449a_zpscb6ce251.jpg

How does a special little girl like Elisabeth pull out her tooth, you ask?

Well, she takes her sock doll, bites down hard, and pulls!!

  photo b0cb098f-749e-43a6-9211-5bef284d40d6_zpsc24604b7.jpg  photo de183f7a-5cc0-4983-82a3-7a8610adfe06_zps2b888128.jpg  photo c6d9afc1-93ed-408a-a336-a736278f2d28_zpsf268aad6.jpg  photo 897ac103-28df-4fff-897b-62c674bc5bbe_zps92ce5933.jpg 

She is all smiles.

Quite the opposite of Alexandra back in the day:

Click here
(It's worth it)


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Tutorial: How to make Lisa mad.

Here is the a little something about me: I am easy going. I don't get upset. I don't get angry. I don't get mad or worked up or offended. It's just not my personality.

Not usually. 

However, there is one thing that absolutely does upset me. That does get me angry and mad and worked up. 


  photo eddbfd23-12d4-4825-8500-b2d0d4b7d190_zps03f9370e.jpg 

Really, people? Parking on the striped lines between the handicapped parking spots? I was shaking I was so mad. How dare they? Do they not realize that that area might just be so that people like me - who have children like Elisabeth - can have wheelchair accessibility? And this was not an isolated incident. I see it all the time. 

For the record, I did wait for the owner of this vehicle. 

And we had a very nice 'chat'.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

It's a Small, Small World

 photo 35a5a0ea-ca3c-4b55-b03d-fc9004dc98fe_zps4538b32e.jpg  photo beaafb5e-539b-4355-a6db-aa7ca230bf65_zpsfa9429a7.jpg  photo 0d6c833b-64b4-472d-a94d-f9e270a17f09_zps718f6e2c.jpg  photo 22f038cf-309c-46b8-bda0-ad984c07c021_zps15fbc6b0.jpg  photo df91c161-2381-46ab-991c-c70f2fd3e561_zps8d32759f.jpg 

Elisabeth wore her It's a Small World shirt to school yesterday. It reminded me of the day we told my Mom about the adoption. All three girls dressed in coordinating clothes and sang, "It's a Small World". And finally, at the end of the song, they brought a picture of her out from behind their backs and announced, "We're adopting!" 

It's a Small World has always been near and dear to me. And even more so now that we are welcoming our new little one from the other side of the globe. 

It's a world of laughter, a world or tears 
It's a world of hopes, its a world of fears
There's so much that we share 
That its time we're aware 
It's a small world after all 

It's a small world after all 
It's a small world after all 
It's a small world after all 
Its a small, small world 

There is just one moon and one golden sun 
And a smile means friendship to everyone
Though the mountains divide 
And the oceans are wide 
It's a small, small world

Monday, May 20, 2013

Her New Wardrobe

Look what arrived in the mail for our new little one... 

 photo 356f36bc-f0be-4b92-841e-68a4ea5324c8_zps70483700.jpg  photo 1d2e823e-9eb3-4520-be96-7d6707040107_zps63b1e169.jpg  photo 066520c0-f6d1-4738-beb9-4006591dc8bb_zpsaf3e4665.jpg  photo 33ef6009-d472-4f5c-9265-aa7a0afee0a6_zpsec7e81a4.jpg 
 photo cd2297bc-947a-406b-93ba-43bac3797786_zps4ef03f2a.jpg

She is going to feel like such a princess! 

 Thanks, Mom!!

Friday, May 17, 2013


This dog loves this girl.

 photo 070f30e3-644d-4af8-acfb-01f17a4e9db9_zpseebf19f4.jpg  photo f37b69ef-462b-4baf-bc4d-38f6476a8f08_zps1396ac12.jpg  photo 61cc0e2b-4e26-4f23-8cb5-aa6a9c32d89a_zps40981b40.jpg  photo 375e40b1-47ff-4882-ad2c-7fe75a5818a4_zps21c902d9.jpg 
 [ Our black lab, Scarlett, with our Elisabeth Elva. ]

Thursday, May 16, 2013


 photo 6846f237-2e71-48c9-a808-321bd03574d6_zps77206274.jpg 
[Donald brought Elisabeth in to give me goodbye snuggles before her school bus arrived.]

I've been so, so sick. The kind of sick where you are quite sure you aren't going to survive; running a temperature, endless vomiting. And at the most inopportune time. I have a concert to perform in on Saturday night and I really need to be at rehearsals. But there shall be no rehearsing. At least not tonight. Perhaps with a little luck I will be back to my normal self tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Year of the Frog

The girls recently came home with a jar full of tadpoles that they collected from a nearby pond. After several days on my kitchen counter it became apparent that they were going to need a more suitable place to live. So Donald made a small pond in the back corner of our yard to transfer them to. 

How excited Alexandra and Lorelai were to release the tadpoles into their new home!

  photo 751d6d97-6ba7-4195-ad4c-a177343e28ca_zps2e609085.jpg  photo f003f222-858a-444b-a3d2-1b3de4bee5f4_zps6c6e610b.jpg
 photo 1245b227-ab23-4440-903e-29be0a0c3be2_zpsd0efe871.jpg  photo 86919111-6613-4500-99e6-a08cdaf4ee42_zps04485b72.jpg

I thought this was the Year of the Pinwheel...
but perhaps it's really going to be the Year of the Frog.

Monday, May 13, 2013

A Tale of Two Die

Advance to Go...

 photo 49b1d0cf-9142-43c1-a6f4-ea70018a0399_zpscae994ce.jpg

Mother's Day at our house was spent teaching the children the fine art of playing Monopoly. They took an immediate liking and understanding to it (my children have a deep love of money).

It's a good thing that the weather is warm now and that we can eat our meals outdoors...because I have a feeling that my kitchen table is going to be occupied with the Monopoly board for quite some time. 

(You know how these games can go on and on and on...)

 photo 1e83518f-180b-40fc-a1f0-1d8aec20e257_zpsb9720ebe.jpg

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day 2013


  photo 8d8ad15e-134e-41a4-954d-cca4a455574e_zpsfac7685c.jpg

 These girls are my world
What an honor it is to mother them each and every day.

And to my own mother...

I wish you a warm, sunny, and happy day. Thank you for all that you have given me in life. As I raise my own children I reflect back on the way in which you raised me and try to follow in your footsteps. 

Love,  Lisa

Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Week in Pictures

What my week looked like:

  photo 689d3a02-0efa-4b81-8c3b-24d3f218c628_zps5b525a42.jpg  photo 3d5bf0aa-6a01-482e-aea3-5bfed17037fe_zpse22d453e.jpg  photo c80f1eae-87a3-459b-8165-443f3d08b02f_zps250ff251.jpg  photo 25d9d655-03ba-40ef-b181-ca8d52cdabee_zpsa26329c7.jpg  photo 7e8236df-99f4-4b25-9394-429060049d7f_zps8565dd22.jpg  photo 9ee4495a-612f-4176-9d9d-b98c80b2b1fb_zps37497fe9.jpg  photo bfa31116-a816-4029-a249-e27c97cdd48f_zpsd8d61609.jpg  photo c48039ab-3956-4ef7-baff-f42e9754bdcb_zpsbe6442fe.jpg  photo 33f20abf-8247-443f-8921-de210428f9be_zps8c5a2749.jpg  photo 81ea52d5-837f-41f6-acde-a6f0f403d3fe_zps587cbc66.jpg  photo db540cc5-0955-417d-8395-40bcca5e08e2_zpsebe099cb.jpg  photo 9915a18c-3815-4487-8eb4-5736f9514c5f_zpseebbcd07.jpg  photo c3df2492-256e-4b1e-9dae-539ad30c8468_zps6759373d.jpg  photo 485ef3b2-2c74-4e0b-adcf-054e6873a916_zpse2ac2f38.jpg  photo f35d795c-cfe5-4fb1-a235-7bd42ebb3808_zpsdaca0290.jpg
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