Friday, August 30, 2013


I think back to April of 2007 when Elisabeth was diagnosed with hydrocephalus. As I heard the grim prognosis it was hard to imagine that this day would ever come:

first day 
of kindergarten.

 photo f70e89cb-9c42-4aee-8635-0ea026ea350c_zpsf434fa6a.jpg  photo b10282f9-b112-4e9d-bc45-dfac96e946d4_zps1e64d1a3.jpg  photo f5bb6708-a52b-4aaf-a526-79446cd5f5d0_zps1c97de03.jpg  photo 5a73a4c7-d3a8-4886-8eb1-58a91a25d3c7_zps5ad6db48.jpg  photo 5d4deb8a-08cc-4c4e-bb00-2f4f39bc20ad_zps24afd4f5.jpg
 photo 4808214d-5ef4-48ae-82f3-8b50e4c93d40_zps81b4e205.jpg  photo 6cba1572-8286-45f7-9f64-8473f4b528f3_zps6c02d442.jpg

A now, a quick lesson in 'plugging in a binky':
  photo bd703d9d-371e-4e25-b466-5bab6ddf463d_zpsdf830963.jpg  photo 9bd3ff70-7782-4641-995e-13a595c6d98d_zps2842a49b.jpg  photo 9251e972-6fd2-4164-a8e7-391c6d2328fb_zps0d61f2f6.jpg  photo 65020bc4-e69e-4331-bf7a-cdb8cf2c52ca_zps423b3773.jpg

And a happy, happy 
birthday to my brother, David!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Farewell, Kindle

I don't put too much emphasis on 'stuff'. 

In fact, I am sometimes 'anti-stuff'

For some people Spring cleaning comes once a year, but for me it is a constant event. I don't like too many things around the house. I don't like a lot of clothes and shoes. I don't like things that I don't use. What can I say? I am practical.

However, I do have a possession that I treasure - my Kindle.

Donald gave it to me for Christmas a few years back and it quickly became one of my best friends. I carried it with me everywhere - from football games to hospital stays (because you just never know when you will have an opportunity to read).

A few days back I picked up my Kindle to read for a bit. That's when I noticed it. Broken. Unreadable.

 photo 31df812a-92d2-4511-869e-d02df36e68d7_zpsf58862b1.jpg 

I was devastated. My Kindle traveled with me to Europe, to the Grand Canyon, to Williamsburg, to Nashville, to Hawaii, to Africa. And I traveled with it to places that existed within the writings it held. My Kindle took me to 1963 when Kennedy was shot. It took me through the rabbit hole with Alice. It put me on the battlefield with Katniss. It was on my Kindle that I read my favorite book, The Giver, for the first time. Oh, the adventures we have shared!

But now it is broken; my vast library trapped inside.

Now is not the time to buy a replacement; right now there are much more important uses for our money - like bringing Elsa home.  So I shall return to books. Actual books with covers and pages. Good thing I've got a few ;)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The First Day - 2013

Lorelai Leigh
~ 3rd Grade ~
 photo 2dc57b51-c356-4394-b191-bdd01892cfac_zps76551169.jpg  photo 2f85ac63-b3ee-4186-a766-e3bee459622e_zps2e18cf77.jpg  photo b3df19e6-4ed3-4c14-8d46-4964f277f8e0_zpsddc15784.jpg  photo 78114b41-a2c3-4cfa-820f-5aacc61fd192_zpsdb51a9aa.jpg  photo ae44ac45-cfbb-4e9e-9496-3188cb6708cd_zps5e8b0f4f.jpg

Alexandra Louise
~ 5th Grade ~  photo a5d01f12-8c33-40e3-83c1-1f01920ed7f5_zps5eef758e.jpg  photo 5ec12f9d-5565-4b9d-ba8d-36b0d6fd8e25_zps6794c93f.jpg  photo ebc5de72-2217-4d4a-b1b6-6403d5b593df_zps319db5fd.jpg  photo 3ae782fc-82d8-458a-a45e-e173778c2f52_zps62e821d9.jpg


  photo 2254c066-51ce-4bb4-b40f-d63220d9c96e_zpsb2947475.jpg

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Back-to-School Tradition

The annual  
dipping of the 

 photo 989bfcd4-9911-4a53-a895-78ee27e5eed1_zps2eb4de8e.jpg  photo ebc9d8bc-c55a-4d86-b26b-4b9acc9c3915_zps6dd22bd4.jpg  photo fc0c3556-9cba-45c3-acd1-82264493e564_zps7ddea8ca.jpg  photo 3deb0f06-25cc-4af1-8dc8-e5fc02f4e6b5_zps85f4d543.jpg  photo 18229639-b1ec-4c7b-ab07-53ab2eddabfa_zps29a29302.jpg  photo df81e3e8-d5d1-4ba6-a2fc-af9748fd21d6_zps5a633d12.jpg  photo f0c15bf3-2b50-4611-8e16-a00a89b79852_zps74b9234d.jpg 

And then off to deliver them to their classmates!

Today is the first day of school... crack open those books and start studying!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Ethiopia in Review: Part I

 photo 9c08ff62-749f-4bf1-a513-b4ce9765b480_zps4bf879f4.jpg

Saying goodbye to my babies.
I managed to keep smiling...until we drove away:

 photo 94939043-09e1-4020-b73f-f41c9696f5c7_zps88970005.jpg  photo 1cb10dfd-ee32-4d1d-b4c7-0219cafd021f_zpsda2bd276.jpg

We had a layover in Germany and then boarded our flight to Addis Ababa with a brief stop in Sudan. As the plane landed in Sudan we looked out and saw a most depressing looking city...there was even a full sized passenger plane that had crashed on the side of the runway. It looked like it had been there a looooong time. A young boy sitting near us saw it and said with sarcasm, "Now that's reassuring."

   photo 189ca8c8-9188-4be6-a13a-bf8deaae95b3_zps2b2fef63.jpg  photo 8c6c9d7b-ec07-4766-99c7-53851b06fb02_zps1ad9369b.jpg
Standing in Ethiopia for the first time.

We stayed at a 4 star hotel. We were warned against anything less. The contrast between the hotel and its surroundings was shocking.
  photo f65f2acd-bfe0-4101-8c73-243742c01b3d_zpsb36fd1f5.jpg  photo c134e5af-5bad-4af9-a889-42a2e891c102_zpsdca8de12.jpg
  photo d88500c5-3161-4aee-af55-b44b89920611_zps890d17b5.jpg  photo bae25e5d-9cc7-490a-a3e8-738bf3d136bb_zps04677cff.jpg  photo 98b9d53a-4d2d-4242-87c2-e82acdc53bae_zpse5a2fab2.jpg  photo 8220d9db-b5cc-4b61-8356-6278ef5e1f05_zps2ce130a6.jpg  photo 593e40c8-06ca-4ebd-be03-e14144c95fbe_zps199ed0ae.jpg  photo 18bac86e-c55f-430f-893a-846459354b63_zps220222f7.jpg  photo 198cee1c-8e77-4cfe-abca-2851874c074e_zps4f792cc9.jpg

 photo 7a275a86-93c9-413c-a4a4-c145b4f304b7_zps783e486a.jpg  photo 4e40598a-60f9-4783-adab-7f7ab04be68b_zps42a4666d.jpg

Now...for a few more pictures of Elsa...
 photo e99078bc-e688-4d4b-9cf9-6bdb25ebd415_zps8a2fc1d6.jpg
[Elsa, showing the other children at the orphanage pictures of her new home, here in Washington.]

 photo 5d0b93be-d07c-4908-a61b-3a821fa2e8eb_zpsfd57d87c.jpg
[Elsa with one of her nannies and a friend 
(sorry...not allowed to show their images on social media...thus the stars!]

  photo 903d774e-a58d-4a68-b250-17fe82b3c03e_zps58e5c37f.jpg  photo fcaf4c89-8f5e-44d1-bd3d-915917262823_zpsa2691d93.jpg  photo a3680a64-4366-4e16-b565-59e1d6d24f8e_zpsa6f475f7.jpg  photo eec9083a-fde3-4f5f-847f-3e44b00511c6_zps44493ba8.jpg 
I miss her. I can't wait to go back and bring her home.

Still to come...Part II
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