Thursday, August 28, 2014

Think, think, think.

When we weren't riding rides at Disneyland, or catching sand crabs on the beach, or exploring Hollywood, the children played chess.

  photo c4cc0ed0-a249-4d98-838e-80ed122874f8_zps9efe0a2e.jpg
[Lorelai Leigh, SoCal vacation, 2014]

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The First Day!

May I present to you...

~ Alexandra Louise ~ :::6th Grade :::
 (middle school!)

 photo 6c7e9ae4-ab9f-41ba-8ae0-fd8b2b31fb8e_zpsd85ea356.jpg  photo 4239410c-e874-4ae6-8c9d-5163c83633cd_zps68db6f45.jpg  photo 8c61d92a-92c9-4620-9f07-3f2a4d7c358a_zps584c7790.jpg

~ Lorelai Leigh ~
 :::4th Grade:::

 photo a6f976a6-4a4a-43ec-b703-cfa15861dbeb_zps01d9eb5f.jpg  photo 71b69a96-4aaa-4264-b919-29d0df3fa6e6_zpsac043fe1.jpg
 photo d73a1ae6-8ca5-4ff0-ade4-632766a4af4b_zps990a44d0.jpg

~ Elsa Lelise ~
:::1st Grade:::
7dc00bbd-165c-41d8-a620-3eeebed85cab_zps790d30f9.jpg  photo 
0520f85c-01a4-4d32-8264-4d343a4f73db_zps3af685c6.jpg  photo 

~ Elisabeth Elva ~
:::1st Grade:::
 photo 1da131ee-54e1-4c37-ada9-d1145cb89b0e_zps057e00d6.jpg  photo 76768588-7d46-463d-bef9-0d7497b02272_zps50f09a46.jpg  photo 361e947e-bc88-4422-b4c3-b4ecf2b44f39_zpsac3a6c8f.jpg

 photo deb82fc2-53bb-4e0b-afb3-868dd9ab14b5_zps15685722.jpg  photo 1e75dbaf-9bec-4d0c-b536-21e8b6d3f86e_zpse5b85d57.jpg  photo 73ac54b9-ff5d-4135-ac94-b418e51ec42b_zpsae7a460f.jpg  photo 14d831f6-652d-4390-a243-834c435e253c_zps3b10f0ce.jpg  photo 9f25aaa7-d2c7-40c5-bd7f-2989ef99f428_zps65838685.jpg

Today was wonderful!

Alexandra had the "best day ever!" and absolutely loves middle school! Plus, she ended up getting assigned to an 8th grade locker (which is enormous compared to the 6th grade ones). She can't even wait for tomorrow so she can go back.

As for Elisabeth, I was extremely nervous about the full-day school schedule, but she did amazing! When I walked in her classroom at three o'clock she looked alert and happy, with a definite sparkle in her eye. As soon as I started talking she began flailing her arms about as if to say, "Mom, today was spectacular!"

Something tells me it's going to be a great year!

Monday, August 25, 2014


T'was time to introduce Elsa to another fine Sorenson tradition:

Back-to-School Caramel Apples.

   photo c6c0633d-960b-4da2-be3f-8247705ba70e_zpse587c3c4.jpg  photo d44f866f-ac8b-43bc-a417-d3138bcb7396_zps056276f6.jpg  photo 3f0c105e-f1f4-466c-8c93-cca4e8eff385_zps65ae04ec.jpg  photo d5edda82-ea2b-4100-a450-c1010eedb76d_zpsc5335370.jpg  photo c887bd9e-ac54-484f-8965-89365d0dcde9_zpsafde0bc2.jpg  photo e8ca7a53-3bb3-4522-8f98-0557b20ef0dd_zpsc68d923c.jpg  photo 96d92c18-50e1-45ea-b702-58cd509c2120_zps79c7fe2d.jpg  photo 0d43c568-e2fc-4bd6-a7cc-aa603f24f05b_zpsdcda0b9e.jpg  photo 4b57b810-9f2c-4e18-9eec-4decd859ff58_zps1d177418.jpg  photo 9f280601-fd3c-47f7-94a2-17a60b853cab_zpsa54c794e.jpg  photo cd386e01-7263-4549-b714-f25ca3c7bf28_zps29b86e76.jpg

Once the apples were dipped and decorated, the girls delivered them to their favorite classmates to wish them luck in the school year ahead.

Tomorrow is the first day of school. Alexandra is entering middle school and she is sooooooo excited! I remember the night before I started middle school - I was a nervous wreck. But not Lex, she's confident and cool.

Also, Elisabeth is entering the first grade and it will be her first full day of school. I admit, I am feeling some anxiety about having her gone from 8:30 - 3:00. We will give it a try for a week or two - I might put her back on a half day schedule if it seems to be too much for the little queen.

Happy Learning!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Venice Beach

My uncle, Alan, lives in Venice and we enjoyed an afternoon at his amazing home on one of the canals.

  photo 0cb413f7-53f2-4d33-8a0e-49f8fcff51af_zps349b2f6c.jpg  photo 655dbef6-eccb-4edd-a634-fd0779dceba5_zps4ccbbf86.jpg  photo 8af90e5e-68d3-43bc-967a-7ecd70c5f4c9_zps1949e2af.jpg  photo 0ca2465b-86e1-4b33-9f0f-0d0db54d25af_zpsb2be1f58.jpg  photo 246ae759-5ab6-4c0b-b340-183da97332dc_zpsba7da02f.jpg

Then we strolled a few blocks down to the beach where we were greeted by this glorious sight:

  photo ea648586-309a-40a9-9e8c-bd7d07721c0a_zps2b705323.jpg

And by this not-so-glorious sight:

  photo 81f35ecc-91e8-4568-84cf-8b973230a8bd_zpse752d8da.jpg

That's Muscle Beach for ya.

Speaking of Muscle Beach, Lorelai took the opportunity to show off her skills:

 photo ce9143c6-9b9e-4e85-8e1f-3c4c71f7b857_zps63231624.jpg  photo 82f4083c-fbed-4c8e-80d8-d03cfea4743c_zps6f2b4b77.jpg  photo e599a9e4-62e3-4395-b862-07be4adead60_zps4c109a1c.jpg  photo 2951bf91-27de-482a-acdf-6c0a0e3ccbbd_zps4eb85b39.jpg  photo dfdb1507-4e40-45ce-9c03-10f25d4b7dc5_zpsee6e6067.jpg  photo 312ba7d5-9aaf-4698-8302-7adfaf7996fe_zps1911f65f.jpg

Then she scaled the rope in something like 10 seconds. The young man in the bottom right corner just stood there, dumbfounded. She is pretty incredible.

  photo ef261b1b-5f86-47ab-826a-c0c10862f405_zpsce046155.jpg  photo 2f3a510c-ad8b-409d-9289-470ce3668732_zps9845b874.jpg  photo 8580794e-20d0-4d60-9b0b-baf6eea0c9f1_zps74ab83de.jpg 

Then Donald showed all those Muscle Beach guys a thing or two:
  photo 20001ca9-3889-46ea-afa5-b3e72aa0aca9_zpsd17a496c.jpg

And a few more snapshots of the day:

  photo 7d569c5b-ef7e-4f26-88f1-8cf800ebaac5_zps6a4d6b33.jpg
My brother, Michael, and my uncle, Alan.

 photo d2d476cb-44eb-4f90-b6db-fbfc4ded8e6b_zpsfa8da7ec.jpg
The girlies.

 photo 81cf4d35-fa99-486b-9b6f-480ac486e11a_zps37b10f25.jpg 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Elsa, meet Elsa.

Elsa moved here a week before Frozen was released into theaters. Talk about perfect timing! She has enjoyed every second of the Frozen craze that has taken over America.

When we were planning our trip to Disneyland I kept telling Elsa, "You're going to meet the real Elsa!"

Oh, she was giddy with excitement! I was too...until I learned that the line to meet her and Anna was 3+ hours long.


So finally, on our last day at the park, Elisabeth and I took one for the team and got in line. The plan was for us to hold a place while Donald and the other girls went on rides (Elisabeth's magical E-ticket pass didn't work for this). However, because Elisabeth's wheelchair wouldn't fit through the queue, they let me sit at a shaded table off to the side to wait it out. That was a stroke of luck!

And then - at long last - the moment came:

"Elsa, I'd like you to meet Elsa."

 photo bbacd7fd-ea6e-47ce-8c1b-93772eeeddc1_zps2c855659.jpg  photo 5d3c6bdc-4178-4477-b912-abe0cdbdebf2_zps55ef8e57.jpg

And that, my friends, is how you do that!

Another highlight of the day: front row seats at the parade. 

 photo 2998ef88-055d-471d-bf7d-ec376a83d69b_zps9816f10e.jpg 

As soon as Simba went by I thought about a blog post I wrote nearly four years ago. 
It's worth a read. I promise. (Click here.)

Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy.
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