Monday, June 30, 2014

A post about berries - and musicals!

 photo c5f0aaaa-e32a-4c42-a4c1-0e151f35962c_zps8270a23c.jpg

This weekend was full and happy. In addition to the usual events (Sound of Music rehearsal, gymnastics, Costco, etc), we went blueberry picking. The weather was perfect and the berries are delicious.

We came home with a whopping six pounds of them:

  photo 4cf3b9e9-39ff-4c65-85ac-ebba2dc63837_zps2f3498f0.jpg

First up we are going to make some crepes stuffed with blueberries and mascarpone. Mmmmm...

Donald and I also bought a ton of strawberries at Costco and made some jam - since we were flat out. (And jam is a must around here.)

 photo 16a33805-2297-4455-b537-efe52866e2b0_zps07c5dafd.jpg  photo 35c412ea-4e19-4f18-a408-7939710889ec_zps7bb885dd.jpg 
 Jam, anyone?

In other news:

Alexandra has been rehearsing like crazy for her upcoming performances of The Sound of Music. Opening night is this Friday!

Tonight begins rehearsals with the live orchestra. I had been on the fence about whether to play or not - part of me wanting to (because you know me and The Sound of Music) and the other part of me knowing that I wanted to be able to sit in the audience and watch Lex. 

In the end I found the perfect compromise: I would play violin opening weekend only - filling in for another violinist who would be out of town. It was the best of both worlds! Play some, watch some.


The music director approached me and said one of the violists had to drop out. 
So now I'm performing all six shows, violin opening weekend, viola the next. 

I hope you'll be able to come! For ticket information, click here.
(Alexandra's cast is performing July 4, 10, 12)

And finally:

Alexandra auditioned a few weeks back for The Academy of Children's Theatre's fall production of Annie. Over 100 girls auditioned and Lex was cast as one of the orphans! I am so proud of her!

Friday, June 27, 2014

A Desire to Succeed

 photo 57772619-38a7-433f-ac6b-c67d45bddb56_zps35d4593c.jpg  
When Alexandra and Lorelai were young, I remember wondering how to instill a desire to succeed within them. I didn't want them to succeed because I pushed them or set high expectations, I wanted them to push themselves; I wanted them to want it. My biggest fear was that they would not realize their own potential - or worse yet - realize it, but not care.

Lately, as I watch them in their respective activities, I feel overwhelmingly proud. Because they are developing their talents, they are striving for excellence, they do see the potential within. And as a parent, that was my number one goal.

Lorelai just moved up to level four in the world of competitive gymnastics. This means she spends 13 hours a week at the gym. That's practically a part time job! A friend recently asked me if I was concerned that it was depriving Lorelai of her childhood. In response, I told her it's what Lorelai wants - that she craves being at the gym. I discussed it with Lorelai later that night and she replied,
  "Gymnastics is my fun!"

And fun it is. I showed up at the gym last night just as Lorelai was mastering a back walkover on the beam. Oh, you should have seen her smile! She was simply glowing! She is learning that one of the greatest joys in life comes from working hard and seeing the results of that work. Her recent triumph has fueled her to set other goals. She is aiming to have a double back walkover on the beam in the next week and then start working on her back handspring on the beam. 

It's happening, she see's her own potential and she wants to reach it.

Lorelai Leigh, mastering a back walkover on the beam. (Sorry it's so small!)

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Why, Hello, Mr. Alligator.

Excuse me, Elsa, but did you know there's an Alligator on your head???

  photo 1e051e5e-2b50-4ed8-bdc2-aba598572705_zps8a8f1de9.jpg

I took my children to our local library for a presentation by the reptile man - who, as you can guess, has a passion for reptiles. The big girls had seen him and his collection of snakes, tortoises, and alligators before (refer to this July 2, 2010 post), but to Elsa it was new. 

I chuckled to myself several times as he said, "Now if you ever go to Africa, watch out for this snake..." 

I'm sure Elsa was thinking, "Yeah, tell me about it."

  photo c56496bf-1a8f-489c-ab36-5e8db81454ef_zps3a261613.jpg  photo db5b86e1-4923-4a22-9671-be5ef20cf4fb_zpsb24c99f0.jpg  photo 381c073a-c1d0-4910-b895-c19b7b384974_zps35fe3eed.jpg  photo daff543a-a813-4f4b-9424-1876b07d1d62_zpsb2d002c4.jpg 

As for Elisabeth, she doesn't find interest in things like snakes and alligators. Rather, she chose to spend time meditating like an old yogiHa!

  photo 3d37fe8c-88b5-4e95-ad03-9fd49a69f463_zpscb2cf945.jpg 

Her flexibility will always and forever amaze me.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

An Afternoon Seranade

 photo 8e059e86-b6a4-477b-b394-5b1f9cf610b9_zps3efa5cdd.jpg 

Yesterday, Elisabeth was laying on the rug with her sock doll, Helga. I watched as Alexandra carried the kitchen step stool into the family room and set it next to her sister. "I'm going to play for Elisabeth," she announced as she fetched her guitar from the parlor.

I've often been grateful that Elisabeth came to us last in line. Having big sisters means there is constant action and activity happening around her. It also means there are more people to tend to her needs and wants. Sometimes, Lorelai likes to surprise me and get Elisabeth all diapered and dressed in the morning. She even combs her hair and gets her snuggled into her beanbag. And Elsa - oh, how she adores her little sister! She is so tender with her and immediately starts whispering reassuring sentiments like, "It's okay, Sissy is here," when she see's Elisabeth having a seizure.

I constantly try to find ways to enrich Elisabeth's life, but the truth is, nothing could be more enriching than the love and attention she gets from her big sisters.

They are a blessing in her life . . . and she in theirs.

 photo 3151d0f1-174d-499e-a1b1-82f0459574ca_zpsb2864766.jpg 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Weekend Jaunt

I'm back after jetting out of town - solo - for the weekend. It was my mom's birthday and so my siblings and I decided to congregate at the ol' homestead to celebrate with her.

It's always a strange thing to be out on my own. In my normal day-to-day life I am always responsible for other people: preparing food, changing diapers, driving kids here, there, and everywhere, etc. But this past weekend, I was solely responsible for myself (and I'm pretty low maintenance.)

Before I left I snapped pictures with the children so I'd have them to look at:

  photo d86c9998-c0e2-4a11-b89a-9002bd109ab4_zps90413985.jpg  photo e65eefe4-fef4-4b85-9c45-12cfe234078f_zps27ca7771.jpg

I did this before I left for Ethiopia, too. I always miss them like crazy and so it's nice to have these on my phone.

Then I set off on an airplane (or two) to the land where I was raised:

 photo 89409b89-a666-45b2-9d2c-a20ab3d1dc05_zpsfefb2756.jpg

Naturally, we went to Disneyland. I mean, where else would we go to celebrate my mom's birthday? Not only is it the happiest place on earth, but it is such a significant part of our family history.

 photo 4ebba6f2-7d1a-4443-b7e0-81a3bc94093a_zps0c6230a8.jpg

I had to stop and visit our brick - our own little piece of Disneyland. It was a Christmas gift from my brother in 2010:

 photo 255bc91f-738f-4e7b-b47a-1fbffe075d1e_zpse8a8b587.jpg

And naturally, I had to pay homage to my Grandpa Coats' window on Main Street. He was an integral part of the Disney company and helped bring to life so many beloved rides - as well as animated classics. It is such a treat to see him honored in this way.

 photo 243ed843-c194-4221-b041-9f38966ff0bd_zps098a06e3.jpg
[Refer to this August 10, 2009 post for more details.]

Now, before we arrived I was a little concerned about how large the crowds might be. Summer break usually equates to a solid mass of people and lines miles long. But somehow - miraculously - there were minimal crowds. I still can't make sense of it, but I'm not complaining! Take a look and see for yourself:

 photo 2626f555-b039-46aa-bc4e-bbf1665e3d89_zpsa3e4448a.jpg  photo aabbefec-fdaa-4844-9990-456dcc685eda_zps7662cc0f.jpg

Open space, low crowds, in June = a Disneyland miracle.
I think it was because it was my mom's birthday.

 photo a527cba3-af88-4c55-862f-8f8acc5e118b_zpsfef7f3e8.jpg
The Haunted Mansion - one of my Grandpa's creations.

 photo 52b1dbca-80b6-42bb-b622-2147457ba75e_zps3b6e44f4.jpg
 Big Thunder Mountain.

 photo 2782c3db-b992-4e69-8df1-1a82dff78ad6_zps470d057c.jpg

And, of course, I had to take in this Mary Poppins performance, because - you know - Mary Poppins is sort of my thing.

The whole time I kept thinking, "Elsa is going to love this!"
(taking her later this summer)

 photo ac0af05d-7e09-445a-a85f-a2fecdda8da6_zps4487061e.jpg  photo 0c20f3ab-1c0d-4b36-9162-a53c6b9fab81_zps8fe4b824.jpg
My sister, Kristin, and my mom, the birthday honoree! 

 photo 58800f2e-65e1-4ffd-aacd-680fcf8f182d_zpse61ee211.jpg   photo 573e86c4-ae89-424d-89c1-97024dc58923_zpsc0337f9f.jpg  

And no trip to Disneyland is complete without a ride on It's a Small World. It is my absolute favorite piece of Disneyland. It makes me happy, in every way possible. Simply put, it represents an ideal that I believe in.

 photo 4efaf2ff-3328-42ab-9bc1-015c6a6ee2f9_zpsbc28cb35.jpg  

Setting off on a trip around the world.

 photo 7eae0693-e55f-4853-a571-6709128a759f_zps5dd1e965.jpg  

Watching as my nephew, sister, and brother come off the ride. 
We are taking pictures of each other. 

 photo 13c9b08e-6738-4a41-9f78-50c418ddab10_zpsd90dd7f5.jpg  

See you soon, Disneyland! 

(And do me a favor and keep those crowds minimal for my return trip, okay?)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Brady 'Brunch'

Summertime means eating strawberry shortcake for breakfast
while watching The Brady Bunch.

  photo 9d1488c7-2b57-4b44-8a13-98bdd915788c_zpse636c9bc.jpg

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Elsa's First Piano Lesson

Ever since Elsa joined our family, people have been asking what extra curricular activity we were going to have her do: 'Lorelai is the gymnast, Alexandra is the musician, what will Elsa be?'

My answer has been that we wanted to give her time to settle in first. Then we would start exploring her interests.

Well, yesterday was that day. Elsa and I went into the parlor and I gave her her first ever piano lesson. She was over-the-moon excited! After seven months of watching her sisters developing their own talents, she was ready to do the same.

 photo 20a9750f-6038-4593-ba57-54281c668e34_zps2fc5d3f7.jpg  photo 9c1f7f08-8f25-4458-8bf9-7cf51a003a88_zpsa5c7cb8c.jpg  photo 254f0096-e7a3-4847-a868-f6f43f0e7873_zpsb616fdb3.jpg  photo b2680471-d1f4-4b9e-9f51-cbbbd9cce195_zpse55f4e31.jpg 
The best part about me being her teacher is that we can have daily lessons rather than once a week. So we will spend half an hour together at the piano each morning and then she can practice on her own periodically throughout the day. Expect frequent recitals right here, at The Far Side of Complexity!

  photo 62724764-4037-49f4-9a4a-0e477540b9b7_zps20aea5d6.jpg

Monday, June 16, 2014

A Father's Day Review

Father's Day

  photo 33e1866d-37a2-408e-9820-d7111b5f947e_zpsb1805858.jpg

We were at the kitchen table, enjoying some Father's Day festivities.

Suddenly, we heard Elisabeth struggling and looked back to see her rolling out of her beanbag chair.

 photo a46d0b3e-ce8e-4c36-ac07-4ea858c5a18d_zps19ad9757.jpg

In a flash, Donald was out of his seat and off to rescue his daughter.

Because that's what dads do.

 photo 112d8e5c-8cc4-4d93-b52b-e1bc3f4b3770_zps329d4dcc.jpg
 [Donald with 3/4 of his daughters. 
As you know, the other one is safely snuggled into that beanbag in the background.]

In other news...

Elisabeth has had a cold. 

Yesterday, though, I sensed something more was wrong. As you know, Elisabeth has no way to tell me these things, but having a child that can't communicate has given me extra strong mom instincts (I think). I took her in to the urgent care and sure enough, ear infection + sinus infection.
 photo 3ee7ccb5-c9db-47af-9877-f991cf1e853f_zps2a42973f.jpg
Poor baby.

Friday, June 13, 2014

School's Out!


 photo 2643c5f1-3bee-4157-8a66-2a5479b20ee4_zpsbf8492a6.jpg  photo ab844a16-03f3-4a84-b498-428669a299b4_zps0cde5cb8.jpg  photo f6d418f7-ac6b-4efa-a252-1a691d4a1035_zpsc6db44ff.jpg

To thank their teachers for a wonderful year (and a wonderful education!) the girls gave them pineapples. We figure you can't go wrong with a pineapple.

 photo 8b3b6d7c-2727-4aa6-9bb2-c623c7ab8f8d_zpsf9996799.jpg  photo 32c7ce1b-0d8d-494d-b260-6472f480990d_zps1f410a82.jpg  photo 4a93c5cf-4d42-43d3-8f2e-49960080d5da_zps8dbb9986.jpg
[Delivering pineapples to beloved teachers.]

At the end-of-year assembly, Alexandra was called up over and over and over again to receive awards, be recognized, and to perform. She did solos on her guitar and violin, and performed in several group ensembles as well. Alexandra was very involved this year - working in the library, serving on the crossing guard, and playing with the orchestra and marimba band. Let me just say, it was her day to shine! Words cannot express how I felt yesterday, watching Alexandra. She is an outstanding student and always strives for excellence. I am so excited to see what the future holds for her!

 photo 2c8db1b8-c011-4cc3-9cf7-3e2c0aa71c29_zps8efac5de.jpg 
[Alexandra, performing violin, with me accompanying her at the piano. Thank you to whoever texted this to me - I didn't recognize the number.]

  photo 4025ab20-e350-4860-ade0-866e6a75f037_zps081579bc.jpg
 [Lex, with her dual language class. This group has been together since kindergarten!]

  photo b1e89eec-f354-4dd4-badc-67c8e44bb880_zpsa2971232.jpg 

Now off to middle school!
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