Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Here we are, another new year, a fresh start, new beginnings. For me the start of a new year is kind of a double wammy. I have January 1st and all it brings with a new calendar year, resolutions, goals, etc. I also get January 2nd - my birthday - a 2nd day for reflection, a look back at what I have accomplished so far in life and what I would still like to do in the upcoming year. For today I'll share with you my hope for 2008 and tomorrow I'll let you know what I think I have figured out about life in all my 28 years.

This year I have one goal. Play my piano and violin! Music was the main focus of my life until I got married. My childhood years consisted of practice, lessons, performances, practice, lessons, competitions, practice, practice, practice.....When I was young I had no idea how grateful I would be for this gift. Nor did I realize how lucky I was to have a mother who cared enough to push me, encourage me, fly me out of state to the best teachers available, buy me expensive instruments, force me to practice (she would pull my covers off at 5:00 in the morning and make me get in a couple hours of practice before school), and do everything in her power to help me develop a talent. Now, it's all worth it. Since the news that Elisabeth is blind I have been overwhelmingly grateful that I have something to offer her. Growing up I figured that I would use my music to perform in symphonies, operas, and to teach. But I see now what my music is for, it's for Elisabeth. I can take her world....a world to most that is based upon sight....and enrich her little world through music. This year I want to take her into the music parlor each and every day and play for her. Bach, Mozart, Beethoven....all the greats. I want her to hear music and connect to it. I want her to hear it deeper and more detailed than most can. I want her to hear the many layers of sounds and melodies that turn compositions into complete and whole pieces of music. And I think that I will love getting back to something that used to be so important in my life. Together Elisabeth and I will enjoy 2008 through music!
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