Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A Peek At My Past

Did you know that I used to be Tom Hanks biggest fan? This is true. As a teenager I was always aware of what project he had going on and where he might be on certain days. I made every effort to be where ever he was - to show support, of course. Some called this obsession, some called it stalking, me....I called it dedication.

Here are a few mementos from my past:

Here is Tom on the set of That Thing You Do. This is a darling movie that they filmed near my childhood home. My mom and I would always drive by it on the way to my orchestra rehearsals and would stop and watch. It was really neat, the movie takes place in the 1960's and they transformed the entire street into that era. They didn't miss a detail.

This is my program from a seminar that I went to in Los Angeles at the American Film Institute (AFI). They were honoring the film 2001: A Space Odyssey, and had a panel there to discuss the movie. Included on the panel was an astronaut, actors from the film, and Tom Hanks. I sat in the front row right next to the president of the AFI.

This is one of my favorite memories....watching Tom put his hands in the cement at Graumans Chinese Theater in Hollywood. I think this must be the moment for any actor when they realize that they truly made it. It was fun to watch and Tom was so kind to the fans that had gathered there for his support. He even had a pack of red vines that he was sharing with the crowd.

This is a picture of me (in the middle) at the Academy Awards. I won't speak too much of the Oscars now....that's a whole other post that I will save for Hollywood's upcoming biggest night . My friends and I actually gave one of these blue T-shirts to Tom on the Red Carpet. He was so kind and when it was his turn to step up to the microphone for his press interview he said, "First of all I would like to thank you for the shirt", and pointed to me and my buddies. Of course, I was thrilled at the recognition and even more thrilled when I opened the LA Times the next morning and saw this:

So there is a little "peek at my past". I really truly was his #1 fan. But, alas, I have given up that title for a title I am even more proud of ........ mother. My new title doesn't leave me time to be running around chasing stars, but brings me much more satisfaction and happiness.

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