Monday, April 28, 2008

Tag Time

I got a tag from the fabulous Jan. This was a really fun one to do!

Q. When did you first meet the lst person on your list?
A. Alicia G. - This is one of Donald's many, many, many cousins. I emphasize many because I have none. That's right - zero. Anyways, I am sure that I must have met Alicia years ago when I was first married to Donald, but I never really got a chance to talk to her until a few years ago at a family reunion. She is super sweet and completely gorgeous.

Q. What do you think about the 3rd person on your list?
A. Alisa - She and her husband are so adventurous! For the past 4 or 5 years they have been in our ward.....but only for half a year at a time. They own a store in Alaska and live there during tourist season.

Q. What do you like best about the 5th and 6th person on your list?
A. The Brinkerhoff Family - Talented, funny, good hearted people. It's a blessing to be related to them. The Curtis Family - They used to be our neighbors but moved away several years ago. Randy is an amazing chorister :)

Q. How long have you known the 9th person on your list?
A. Donald - My dear and sweet husband. I met him 9 years ago this summer.

Q. What impresses you most about the 11th and 12th person on your list?
A. Emily - a wonderful mother to a gorgeous and brilliant 7 month old. Michelle - OK, on my link list it actually says, but she is the inspiring woman who keeps it updated. She is completely selfless and wants to help others in any way that she can.

Q. What is your memory with the 16th person on your list?
A. Jill - honestly I have never met Jill in person. She has a baby due in 21 days that is also diagnosed with hydrocephalus. I have been so blessed to meet other parents who are going through the same things as me.

Q. Say something nice about the 18th person on your list?
A. Kristen - It's funny because even though I have never met Kristen in person I consider her one of my dearest friends. We have gone through so many of the same things. It has been a joy to get to know her and her sweet baby Cayman. Thank heavens for the Internet!

I tag Amy, Jamie, Libbie, and Mandy. Have fun!
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