Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The School Years

Here I am, ready to send my eldest off to kindergarten. It is a day that I have dreamt of since childhood. I always knew that I would be a mother. It's what I aspired to be. And I often imagined what motherhood would be like; preparing precisely cut peanut butter sandwiches, keeping an orderly home, going on walks to the park, driving back and forth to music lessons, and most of all...sending my children off to school with a kiss and an 'I love you'. It's that day, I'm there.

My dear Alexandra, whose name I picked out when I was still a young girl myself, has been a dream come true. She has long brunette curls, and deep brown eyes. She has her mothers love for the violin. She is smart, determined, and a bit of a perfectionist. She is my first born, and today she begins her formal education.

So hair will be combed, and she will dress in freshly pressed clothes. She will wear her backpack filled with sharpened pencils, soft pink erasers, and box of crayons. I will drive her to school and watch as she takes a step towards the future, towards discovering the world, towards discovering herself. And I will smile, enjoy the moment, and hope that the next 13 years don't go by too fast. But just in case, I'll have my camera...

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