Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Seattle Children's Hospital has dropped the ball....and I will not stand for it. I feel sorry for the person that picked up my call yesterday. Usually I am mild mannered, but when it comes to the well being of my baby, I can be a bit outspoken. Here is my story:

If you will remember, we took Elisabeth to Seattle Children's on August 11th in regards to her craniosynostosis. It turned out to be a wasted 4 hour drive because the CT scan wouldn't load onto their computers. They wouldn't call and have it sent electronically because they claimed the computers weren't connected to other hospitals in the state (turns out they were wrong about that). So I asked them to send her in for a new CT scan. They would not. They insisted on waiting for a new disc to arrive from Spokane.

It is now 5 weeks and 2 days later. The surgeon still has not viewed her scan. I am frustrated! This is my child's brain we are talking about!!! Why are they being so negligent?? I call and call and it is near impossible to get these people motivated. They are the 8th ranked Children's hospital in America and the #1 on the west coast. How can they be so great....yet so terrible?

Yesterday I had had it. I called and spoke to a lady in the patient relations department. Miraculously (spoken with sarcasm) I received a phone call from the craniofacial department less than two hours later. Funny, they won't return my calls, but they sure do respond when the right people get on their case.

So anyways, when I talked to the nurse from the craniofacial center I pretty much let her have it. Being aggressive isn't one of my strong points, but I couldn't hold back. I told her that their lack of communication was completely unacceptable. She apologized and told me that the surgeon would be in surgery for the day but that she would have him look at Elisabeth's scan as soon as possible. "Does that mean I will hear from him by tomorrow?" I asked. "Hopefully" she replied.

The waiting game continues....but they are dealing with an angry Mama now. Poor them.
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