Friday, October 24, 2008

Back on Track

Nearly 3 weeks ago Elisabeth started a new medication called Depakote. It has worked wonders! Here is a sampling of how she has progressed over the last few weeks:

  • Started smiling and laughing again.
  • Uses her left hand {never used it before}.
  • Blows raspberries.
  • Discovered her voice {she rarely made noise previously}.
  • Re-learned how to roll.
  • Can sit upright for 10-20 seconds before starting to tip.
  • Puts pressure on her legs.
  • Can find a toy next to her on the ground and pick it up.

We are still seeing clusters of the infantile spasms , and quite a few absence seizures, but regardless, the medicine seems to have stimulated major brain activity. Yippee! Oh yes, one more thing...Elisabeth is 13 months old today!

Thank you Depakote!!

Notice how she puts her hand on Donald's face...this is her way of 'seeing' who she is with.

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