Friday, October 3, 2008

Hats From Ohio

The Internet has been a tremendous resource for me as I have dealt with Elisabeth's many medical issues. Not only can I research anything...but I can connect with others who have walked in my same shoes. I have met the most incredible women who have lent me support, advice, and understanding. What a blessing it is to live in a day and age when advanced technologies allow us to come together from around the globe.

One of the people that I have met online is my dear friend Kristen. Her daughter, Cayman, was born this past March with hydrocephalus. Her strength, faith, and intuition as a mother always inspire me. You may remember this post from earlier this year. Kristen had mailed me the most beautiful hat that she had knitted for Elisabeth. It was gorgeous! Well, lucky me, she sent another package in the mail yesterday. And guess what was in it??? 4 lovely handmade hats for my girls. Take a look:

Kristen just recently started up a new blog called Just Five More Minutes where she gives tutorials on crocheting flowers and displays her handiwork. Go check it out!

Thanks Kristen!
My girls LOVE their new hats!

(picture of Elisabeth in the candy corn hat to follow soon...she was just so sleepy!)
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