Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Seattle Strikes Again

I received a call from a scheduler at Seattle Children's Hospital. Here is how our conversation went:

S.C. ~ Hi, this is Mary calling from Seattle Children's Hospital in regards to your December 1st CT scan and appointments with Dr. Cunningham and Dr. Bergfeld.

Me ~ Hi.

S.C. ~ As it turns out, Dr. Bergfeld has just been scheduled for an emergency surgery that day and will not be able to meet with you. However, Dr. Cunningham can still see Elisabeth.

Me ~ {slight pause} An emergency surgery?

S.C. ~ Yes

Me ~ That doesn't make any sense. {another slight pause} Wouldn't an emergency surgery need to be happening now????

S.C. ~ Well...it's emergency in that it can't wait till January or February.

Hmmm...it can wait nearly 2 months but not a half hour more so that I can keep my appointment?? I chose not to argue. Needless to say, we won't be seeing Dr. Bergfeld that day. Strike two for Seattle Children's Hospital.

**To read about 'strike one' click here.

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