Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Day to Day Life...

Lately my life has gotten busy.
Here was my yesterday:

7:00 Got the children up and ready.
8:00 Scripture study and family prayer.
8:20 Took Alexandra to school.
9:00 Dropped Lorelai at preschool.
9:15 Therapy appt. for Elisabeth.
11:00 Picked Lorelai up from Preschool.
11:30 Made lunch.
12:00 Taught a cello student.
12:45 Cleaned the upstairs.
2:45 Went to pick up Alexandra.
3:20 Meeting with the Laurels class (did I mention that I am YW president now?)
4:30 Taught a violin student.
5:30 Went to work.
9:20 Got home.
9:30 Went out running and took 17 seconds off my mile (I think I really wanted to get home).

But this was the best part of my day:

I walked in the door at the end of it all and heard the blessed hum of the dishwasher and saw the lines of freshly vacuumed carpet. Thank you dear Donald for helping me make it through each day. You are my best friend. Love to you...always.

Good luck to the McCain*Palin campaign today. They earned my vote. God Bless America.

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