Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Medical Updates:

Elisabeth's EEG

The left side of Elisabeth's brain looked somewhat normal (emphasis on somewhat). However, the right side showed non-stop seizure activity for the duration of the EEG. Elisabeth did not have any noticeable epileptic episodes during the I can only imagine what the reading must look like when I actually see her having a seizure.

To give you an idea of what her EEG looked like I found these random pictures online. They are not Elisabeth's.

The left side of Elisabeth's brain looked something like this:

The right side however looked more like this:

So for now we have decided to keep her on the Depakote but increase the dose.


Lorelai's Audiology Appointment

We took Lorelai in to have her hearing tested after discovering holes in her tympanic membrane during a wellness exam. The audiologist that met with us has never seen this before. She told Lorelai that she was special. The good news is that her hearing tested normal and it was determined that the holes only go through one or two layers of the eardrum (apparently there are 3). The most interesting part of our visit was when they placed a video camera inside Lorelai's ear and we were able to see the 'mystery holes' on the TV screen. Lorelai thought that was pretty cool too.

My questions were:

  • How did this happen?
  • Could it worsen?
  • Might it effect her hearing later on?

It was recommended that we take her to an ear, nose, and throat doctor to try and get those questions answered. So I will (you know me).

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