Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Thanksgiving Miracle

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting in my comfy chair holding Elisabeth. She was being her usual, calm self; just sitting, staring at nothing, and thinking about whatever it is that sweet babies like her think about (probably a stocking full of Binky's).

I decided to turn on the TV to one of the music channels and get some Christmas tunes playing. So I reached past Elisabeth and picked up the remote control from off of the end table. As I pulled my arm back the remote went right past Elisabeth's eyes....AND SHE JUMPED!!! Really, truly! She was startled by it and gave a little jump.

Do you know what that means????? SHE SAW THE REMOTE CONTROL!!!! So I quickly moved the remote back in front of her face and gave it a little wiggle. She started laughing. I gave it another shake...she laughed even harder. I called Alexandra and Lorelai over, this was a moment that had to be shared. We shook and shook that little remote control in front of her eyes and she laughed as if it were the funniest thing she had ever seen (well, in this case the only thing she had ever seen). It was one of the most joyous moments of my life.

Donald got home a few minutes later and I tried to duplicate the experience for his benefit. Unfortunately, the vision had gone. I waved that remote like crazy in front of her cute chubby face, but she didn't see a thing. It just wasn't happening.

So I got to thinking about the moment of sight and how Elisabeth hasn't had a cluster of the Infantile Spasms in over a week. There must be a connection. Maybe her brain is finally getting the opportunity to heal itself. Maybe those few minutes of sight yesterday were the beginning of something more. Maybe there is hope.

I am thankful.

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