Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Cards?

Every year I send out our Annual Family Christmas Card. It's to be expected {considering the fact that I have been in the greeting card business for nearly a decade}. But here it is, December 15 and I have not mailed any cards. Worse yet, I haven't even purchased them. I keep perusing the Christmas card isle at my store in hopes of finding 'the one', but nothing seems quite right.

So I started pondering my dilemma and finally decided that I would do away with my Annual Family Christmas Card and in it's place send out a New Years Greeting. There is one design in particular that is full of *sparkle* and boldly states 2009 on the front. Perfect! I completely sold myself on the idea and decided to tell Donald about the change in tradition. Big mistake. Turns out he doesn't share my enthusiasm for replacing our Annual Family Christmas Card with a New Years Greeting. Who knew Donald was so traditional??

So, it's still up in the air. Keep an eye on your mailbox. One way or another there will be cards sent out {I have hundreds of wallets from our family photo shoot that I can't let go to waste!}.

What do you vote for?

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