Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's a Small World

One of our goals in raising our children is making sure that they have an awareness and appreciation of other countries and cultures. We do love our little corner of the world, but it is just that; a little corner.

Next February the winter Olympics are taking place in Vancouver, British Columbia. Seeing as that is not too incredibly far from where we live, Donald and I are hoping to take a family trip to Vancouver during the Olympic games (but I am having trouble finding hotel accommodations at the moment, so we'll see). We are also making grand plans to take the children to London in 2012 for the summer Olympics.

To help prepare our girls we have decided to focus on a different country each week. Our studies will included checking out books from the library, eating traditional meals, creating costumes, and listening to a variety of languages (among other things).

The fun part was choosing which countries to study first. Donald had the idea to spin our globe and let the girls place their finger on it with their eyes closed. Wherever their finger landed would be a country that we would study.

We decided to pick 8 countries for starters. They are:

China. Russia. Spain.
Hawaiian Islands, USA.

Stay tuned for weekly highlights as our family becomes
better acquainted with the world in which we live.

Au Revoir!
Auf Wiedersehen!

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