Monday, August 31, 2009

| Back-to-School |

Caucus - noun: a closed meeting of a group of persons belonging to the same political party or faction (or in our case, family).

also: a group of people united to promote an agreed-upon cause.

Every once in a while we hold a family caucus. You know, all of those times when we have important issues to discuss. This was one of those times. A back-to-school caucus was brought to order.

Items on the agenda included an overview of our upcoming fall schedule. We are managing to fit in violin lessons (both taken and taught), ballet, soccer, 1st grade, preschool, therapy, softball, and symphony rehearsals (among other things). Other points of interest were bedtime, wake-up time, chores, and ways-to-be-kind-to-your-sister.

And while we discussed (debated) we gobbled up some homemade caramel apples. It helped sweeten the mood.

Caramel Apples on a Saturday Afteroon:

{I drizzled mine with chocolate.

{While the children opted for m&m's.



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